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May 03, 2022

There may be times when we feel lost and confused in life. We have tried everything, yet our emotions continue to be a mess. How are we supposed to deal with this?

One classic answer that not many people consider is turning to the moon. The moon is a strong force with many phases, just like our emotions. Each phase represents a different aspect—think about all those stories of people turning into werewolves when the full moon comes along!

With the guidance of the moon, you can make sense of your emotions by understanding who you are. But you can’t just turn to the moon, especially during the daytime when you can’t see it. This is why some would have a moonstone instead.

What Is a Moonstone?

A moonstone is a gemstone that reflects light, just like the moon. It symbolizes the moon and helps the wearer deal with emotional distress.

It has a beautiful blue color and is associated with the moon. The stone has healing properties, and because of this, it is often used in jewelry. You can also use this gemstone for other purposes, such as meditation or spirituality.

The Benefits of Having a Moonstone

Using a moonstone has many benefits, such as:

1. Bringing Emotional Balance

The moonstone brings peace to the wearer. It helps you find balance and harmony with your emotions.

If you’re having trouble dealing with emotions, having a moonstone can help you get back. Many believe that the stone can help you let go of emotions that you can’t get rid of any other way.

2. Enhance Your Feminine Side

The moonstone is also known for the way it positively impacts hormonal balance. Hormones are closely related to our emotions, and the moonstone uses its properties to help keep our hormones regulated.

Targeting the femininity of a woman, the moonstone helps with physical conditions related to hormonal imbalance, like psoriasis and menstrual cramps. It can even help with childbirth pain.

However, its benefits for femininity are not only physical but also emotional and mental. The moonstone is meant to nurture your intuition and bring out your more gentle side for both men and women.

Furthermore, it brings clarity to your emotions. Because hormones are closely linked with emotions, bringing balance to our hormones and regulating emotions.

3. Calms Your Masculine Side

In spirituality, the masculine side is known for aggression. If our masculine side becomes more dominant, we tend to be more aggressive with how we deal with things, which blinds us to peace and balance.

It gets rid of unwanted and unnecessary aggression in the body. This results in the neutralizing of negative energy. It also calms you down and helps you think clearly.

4. Fixes Your Sleep Cycle

We tend to lose our sleep when we have a lot of things going on in our brains. The moonstone allows you to relax and soothes you when overwhelmed with emotions.

You can sleep better because your brain is more relaxed, and you aren't experiencing chaos with your feelings. It calms you down, and you can get the rest you need.


Moonstone is a gem that is full of healing properties. By wearing it or meditating with it, you can get the emotional stability you need in your life. If you are having difficulty handling stress or can’t sleep well at night, this stone can help. This stone is more than just a pretty stone; it’s a part of the cosmos that we can use to understand our emotions better.

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