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April 12, 2022

On the day of our birth, there are heavenly bodies aligned to our coming. As we grow older,  the position of the planets and stars may become significant to our decisions and may help us make up our minds during a difficult time.

Also called a birth chart, the diagram of the locations of the heavenly bodies on our birthdays may tell us something more than what we know about ourselves. But in the era of every item being customized, getting a custom birth chart talisman may mean picking the best stones to display on it. But how do you choose the rocks in a custom birth chart talisman? Here are some ideas.

1. Choose According to the Ruling Planet

The ruling planet of your birth chart is the planet that rules your life. It is said that the energies of the ruling planet will be highlighted in the life of the chart holder. That is why it is often the deciding factor in choosing the stones in a custom birth chart talisman.

The energy of the ruling planet can be expressed through the crystal stones with the same elemental energy as the planet. When you pick the stones for your custom birth chart talisman, you should choose the ones associated with your ruling planet. You can also seek advice from your Feng Shui expert.

2. Find the Counterpart Stones

When you have chosen the stone for the ruling planet of your chart, some rocks are said to be the counterpart stones of the ruling planet. The counterpart stones will complete the energy of the ruling planet. These stones should have the same elemental power as Stone's counterparts, like the ruling planet.

3. Choose the Stone Representing the Horoscope

In a custom birth chart talisman, it is essential to choose the stones representing your horoscope signs. These stones will represent you, which means that they should be the ones with the same elemental energy as your horoscope signs. If you are not sure about the element of your horoscope sign, it would be best to take the help of your Feng Shui expert.

4. Choose the Important Stones

There may be specific stones that are important to your life. These stones may not necessarily be the ones with the same elemental energy as your horoscope signs, but they may have a significant meaning to your life.

In some cases, these stones may have the same elemental energy as the ruling planet or the counterpart stone, but that doesn't mean that these stones should be chosen for a custom birth chart talisman. The important rocks may also have elemental energies that have significant meanings to your life.

5. Choose From the Element

Most birth charts carry the four elements – Fire, Water, Wood, and Earth. There may be stones that have the same elemental energy as your birth chart in some cases. These stones may be used as a substitute when choosing the stones to be used in your custom birth chart talisman.


In choosing the stones for your birth chart talisman, remember to always choose the ones with the same elemental energy as your horoscope signs, your ruling planet, or the counterpart stone. You may also select the rocks based on the elements. With these things in mind, you can create a birth chart talisman that will suit your needs and the energies of the heavenly bodies at the time of your birth.

Ephemeris Co believes in the idea and importance of astrology in humans. Our goal is to promote it to help people make their decisions according to their birth charts and celestial body alignments in the sky. Check out our custombirth chart talismans and get a rose gold talisman today.