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Crystal Spells

Crystal Spells

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Invite the Right Energies into Your Life! Hand-selected, raw Brazilian Crystals to promote Love, Happiness, Abundance, Protection, Peace & Luck.

Love Bundle

The crystals in the Love Bundle are known to attract love and promote emotional healing. Together, these powerful crystals work to raise your vibrations, inviting compassion and love for yourself and others into your life.

Rose quartz is the stone of unconditional love and brings harmony, comfort, and trust, enabling emotional healing so that you can give and receive love unconditionally.

Blue quartz promotes tranquility and helps in the development of patience and tolerance in relationships, encouraging connection between yourself and others.

Pink tourmaline opens the heart to compassion, attracting positive relationships and promoting feelings of joy and understanding, while also boosting self-confidence and self-love.

Emerald brings joy, harmony, and inner peace, aids in clear communication, and brings balance to relationships, allowing you to forgive and let go of the past


Happiness Bundle

The crystals in the Happiness Bundle are known to promote fulfillment and contentment. Together, these powerful crystals work to invite happiness and joy into your daily life.

Amethyst helps to bring harmony and tranquility into your life, eliminating negative energies and promoting good vibes.

Emerald attracts prosperity and good luck, and invites compassion, love, and joy into your life.

Rose quartz manifests love, warmth, and trust, attracting unconditional love and undoing previous grudges and hurt.

Tiger’s eye enhances optimism and inner balance, dissolving self-limiting beliefs to help you harness your inner strength.


Abundance Bundle

The crystals in the Abundance Bundle help attract abundance and prosperity into your life. Together, these powerful crystals work to invite wealth in all its forms into your life.

Pyrite opens you to the spiritual realm of manifestation and removes any fears or doubts you may have that are blocking you from achieving your goals.

Emerald promotes prosperity and abundance, while sharpening the intellect and aiding in communication and decision-making.

Carnelian inspires your creativity, courage, and drive, motivating you to take action to fulfill your ambitions.

Tiger's eye harnesses your personal power and prevails over emotional blocks, enhancing your leadership skills to help you achieve abundance and success.

Protection Bundle

The crystals in the Protection Bundle work to promote spiritual protection and purify your energies. Together, these powerful crystals help protect you from negativity and evil intentions.

Amethyst acts as a bridge between the physical and the astral, while also providing wisdom and guidance.

Tiger's eye protects against negativity, enhances optimism, and removes mental roadblocks.

Transparent quartz is the master stone, amplifying the power of all other crystals and purifying energies.

Selenite removes negative energy and prevents its return; it has powerful cleansing properties and can be used to cleanse spaces, auras, and even other crystals.

Peace Bundle

The crystals in the Peace Bundle work to bring peace of mind and inner harmony. Together, these powerful crystals help to soothe your soul and create a sense of peace in your life.

Aquamarine brings mental clarity and inner peace by calming emotions, reducing stress, and promoting a sense of safety in new situations.

Amethyst conveys peace, harmony, and tranquility, removing negativity and promoting calming energies.

Blue quartz invites tranquility, balances the mind, and increases concentration.

Kyanite helps clear and align the chakras, stimulating intuition and promoting inner balance.

Luck Bundle

The crystals in the Luck Bundle are believed to bring luck and good fortune. Together, these powerful crystals help to attract positive energy, inviting success and blessings into your life.

Pyrite is known to attract positive energy and mental clarity, balancing the energy of any environment and bringing forth a sense of inner power.

Emerald invites prosperity, abundance, and good fortune, while also promoting inner peace.

Amazonite helps to balance the emotions, alleviating worries and fears; it is known to bring good luck in games of chance, competitions, and financial ventures.

Citrine is the success stone, increasing confidence in social settings and promoting well-being and generosity.

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