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The Libra Pendant - Ephemeris™ Collectibles

• Handmade under the energies of peace, compromise and harmony, The Libra Pendant gains a backside engraving that identifies its unique manufacturing number.

• Be one of the fortunate 100 to own this rare Pendant.

The Ephemeris™ Collectibles is an Exclusive & Limited Collection that beautifully portraits each Zodiac Sign. Every month a new Zodiac Season rises and a new Limited Pendant is released - be lightning fast & collect all! We'll only manufacture 100 pendants of each Sign.


: 18-20” (46-51cm) unissex adjustable surgical grade stainless steel.
Pendant: 1.1in/28mm sq. high-quality surgical grade stainless steel with a heavy feel.

All orders are shipped from Chapel Hill, NC. Orders take on average 1-3 days to process.
Domestic/US Orders: 3 to 7 days on average. Free for all purchases.
International Orders: 7-14 days depending on location. Free for orders over $100.