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Astrological Report


Birth Chart Reading Report

Understanding one’s birth chart is the foundation for understanding astrology as a whole. Through this understanding, one can more fully understand the mechanisms that influence who they are, how they relate to others, and to the world around them. Here, we provide your one of kind Birth Chart, with in depth explanations of what each component means; giving you the tools unlock your personal essence, and the secrets to the sky.

Forecast Reading Report

A rotating planetary sphere rotates around the sun. Seasons shift and the birds fly south. Existence is eternally transient and in motion! This movement, however, is not random. This Astrological Forecast Reading interprets planetary patterns and their relationship to your birth chart for an entire year; giving you a day-by-day break down of your astrological year to come.

Saturn Cycles Report

A reading to awaken your awareness to transition and responsibility. Saturn – the great time keeper – circles the sun every 29 years, mirroring our major life phase transitions. With each return we move into a new ring of experience. Your Saturn Returns reading shows your life’s planetary trajectory in relationship with Saturn. We bring this powerful planet into focus, giving you a calculation and interpretation for each of your life’s Saturn Returns.
Please note that these reports are sent out electronically via downloadable PDF files. We are excited to offer physical printed reports in the very near future!