♑  Capricorn Season Do's & Don'ts Guide!

♑ Capricorn Season Do's & Don'ts Guide!


The mighty Sun enters the solid, sober and stable sign of Capricorn! It’s also the start of Christmas and Solstice!

So here’s how you can start your week off:  


 • Set an intention on what you would like to bring in, as well as release in this new seasonal cycle – depending on your hemisphere. If you’re in the north it’s about manifestation, and if you’re in the south, it’s about releasing

• Find something stable and ordered in your world, in the midst of the seasonal chaos. This could be your morning run, or your daily yoga class. This will help to ground and anchor you over this busy time, as well as keep your spirits up if you have the tendency to get low. 


 Be all work and no play. What people often forget about the sign of Capricorn is that it’s half goat, half fish. The fish half is the mystical creative, the escapist, the music lover, dancer, spiritualist. Tap into this side of yourself over Capricorn season.

 Take yourself too seriously – or your family. This season can rub a few of us up the wrong way, but when we learn to laugh it off, it becomes less heavy.

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