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Written in the Stars | The Synastry Book

Written in the Stars | The Synastry Book

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A book that tells the story of the cosmic alignment between two individual birth charts, beautifully decoding the role one plays in the other's universe and allowing you and your soulmate to celebrate and work together on this journey of love.

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Your Guide to Relationship Astrology
What exactly is Synastry? What are some of the most important things to look for? Does Synastry define your relationship? - Unlock all secrets to the astrology of love. 

The Cosmic Alignment Between You Two
In-depth explanations of each of your individual birth chart and Synastry chart, uncovering where your stars have aligned and where you need to work & grow together. 

Ultimate Couple's Journal
Precious, dedicated pages that invite you two to Connect, Communicate, and Compromise. 

Extra Guides 
"Astrological Events that impact Love" & "How each of the 8 Moon Phases affects your Love Life"


This is a hyper-personalized product, as each page is written for you. Orders from the US take an average of 20 days to be delivered.

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