The Natal/Birth Chart


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Say What? Astrology? What is it? 

Astrology is a major buzzword at the moment. It’s going through a revival similar to the Renaissance, and in many ways, this ancient, magical art has been resurrected. Astrology is being seen on catwalks, on the internet, is present on our phones and everyone seems to be catching on. So, what’s the big deal anyway? 

Well, Astrology, in a nutshell, is a very, very old tool for understanding yourself, for understanding the world – for making sense of our lives and our purpose. Astrology uncovers your character and lets you get to know yourself, whether it's in the area of relationships, money career, calling, emotional style, and so on. It’s a rich treasure trove of information that any of us can access. Astrology used to be reserved for mathematicians and astronomers, but with the growth of technology and software, and easy-to-read books, it’s being embraced by everyone from your granny to Gen Xer’s. 

So, what’s a Natal / Birth Chart? 

Birth Chart/Natal Chart Interpretation Report

 A Natal/Birth Chart is your very own, deeply personal and unique “Soul Map” – it’s a snapshot of the planetary positions at the time, date and place of your birth. It’s that special moment when you took your first breath, and from that moment, your map unfolded. It’s a lot more technical than most people think – your Sunsign (Starsign) is just a tiny part of who you are. There are other planets, in all kinds of positions, in all sorts of unique relationships that make you as unique as your fingerprint. 

But what about twins? 

If your Natal/Birth Chart is cast for the time, date and place of birth and it’s unique, how does it work for twins – people born at the same time? Well, Astrology is one of those super-complicated arts that has a multitude of tricky techniques that professional astrologers apply in the case of twins. There can be minuscule differences in birth time (such as a minute or two) that can alter the Natal Chart, and in some cases, one sibling lives out one area of the chart while the other lives out the other half. 

What can my Birth Chart do for me? 

Your Natal/Birth Chart can be life-changing! It can show you all the blockages and destructive patters you’ve been hostage too, which tend to untangle themselves, once you become aware of your blind spots. And they say, a pattern is broken once it’s seen and acknowledged. It’s a fast-track to years of therapy, and though it’s not a replacement for therapy, it can serve as a wonderful add-on tool to self-discovery. You can discern your relationship style, your potential for money, your ideal career, the type of friendships you gravitate towards, whether you’ll have kids, if you’ll travel, write a book or be a healer. It offers you a unique glance into yourself and is a gift that keeps giving. What Astrology can do best for you, is bring you to a sense of acceptance of yourself, and acceptance of others – which is a big deal! 

Does a Natal/Birth Chart tell you your future?

Can Astrology predict the future?

In a sense. As they say, “Character is Destiny”, so whoever you are, at the core, will show you how your life unfolds. However, you are at the centre of your life, not your chart, so whatever characteristic you have – even the difficult ones – can be changed or altered by choosing different responses to situations, If you’re someone, for example, that has a pattern of choosing unavailable partners, astrology can show you the whys and wherefores, and help you to make different choices. In this way, you direct your own future. Sometimes, Astrology can show big events in life, and this is where you get to choose how you respond to them. Astrology is a tool for empowerment, not victimisation – the planets simply reflect who you are, but don’t cause who you are. You can’t blame them, unfortunately – you have the power! 

What do you need to have a Birth Chart done? 

You’ll just need your time, date and place of birth. 

What if I don’t have my time of birth? 

You can phone the hospital where you were born for their records, track down your birth certificate or ask your family members, If that all fails, you can connect with a professional astrologer, who is able to “rectify” your birth time based on your life events or use the "unknown time" feature on our website to have it made using the middle of the day as baseline. 

Is it hard to understand? 

Yes and No. It can seem overwhelming to understand your Natal/Birth Chart right in the beginning. It can be helpful to speak to a professional astrologer first to get an idea of your own Chart, and to perhaps do an online or face -to – face course However, there are loads of easy-to-learn books you can read, constructed as step-by-step guides, and the internet is also full of useful information! A caution – don’t believe everything you read online, as only a professional can put it all together properly for you to give you a full picture of who you are.


There are many parts to your Birth Chart, with the main players being: 

  • The Planets 
  • The Zodiac Signs
  • The Houses
  • The Aspects 

These are the basic concepts of Astrology, and tell you about all the different “parts” of you, and how those parts behave and blend together. Humans are complex beings, and sometimes we may act one way at work, and one way in love – and astrology goes a long way to show you how that all works. 

Where do I get mine? 

You can create your own Natal Chart here at 

Once you’ve got your chart,  your can order your own piece of Astrology Art in customized Jewellery or Poster format.

Ephemeris team will also send you an Interpretation Report, helping you understand each aspect of your cosmic fingerprint.

Astrology can quickly become one of your very best friends, a wise sage to lean on in time of trouble, when you need some guidance and for a bit of affirmation.