👑 5 Asteroid Goddesses You NEED to Know About & Why 👑

👑 5 Asteroid Goddesses You NEED to Know About & Why 👑

Julie Ann Fae

When we consider astrology - with all of its mathematical rules and rulerships, sometimes it is easy to forget that astrology is still an evolving field.

 Yes, that's right!

Astronomers are always discovering new celestial wonders and astrologers are always documenting and understanding the framework of how to work the magic of these new "beings" into light. After all, Chiron wasn't even discovered until 1977 and Pluto until 1930. The basic components of transformation and healing were only discovered in the past century!

 Furthermore, we as a collective continue to rediscover our integration of the divine feminine (once very prominent in ancient types but then suppressed). One such area is  asteroid goddesses!

 Let's take a look at 5 of these beauties, their archetypes, and why they are important for us to plot in our charts.

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Asteroid #1

Goddess of the Harvest & Mothering

In Greek mythology, Ceres was the mother of Persephone. Through her mourning for her beautiful daughter Persephone being captured by Hades and brought into the underworld, she stopped the flourishing of the fields and turned them barren, unable to bear fruit. This greatly began to affect the ordinary people, so the Gods worked out a compromise upon which Persephone would spend half of her time in the upper world and half of her time in the underworld. During the months when she was able to return to her mother and the light, spring and summer were born. When she had to depart her mother and return to the underworld, Ceres wept and fall and winter were born.

 It is in this light, then, that Ceres is associated with mothering and Cancer energy. She is also associated with Virgo through our relationship with food and how we need it. Ceres provided the grain (literally where we derive the world cereal from) that would feed the people.

 Look to the sign and house of your natal Ceres to uncover things about yourself such as:

- how you like to nurture yourself

- how you are best suited to self care

- how you were treated with your own mother

- how you yourself would like to mother others

Because Ceres underwent such grief with the loss of her daughter, she teaches us about attachments and loss of them. This is the axis of Taurus and Scorpio. Will it be heaven or hell? Such were the lessons of Ceres and Persephone.

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Pallas Athena

Asteroid # 2

Goddess of War & Wisdom

Sometimes known as Pallas Athene, the "Warrior Queen", Pallas Athena represents where we have exceptional strategy, skill, and mental strength in our lives. Athena was a goddess who was skilled in the art of political and social awareness. She was also linked to war, government, law, and justice. She was so skilled in the arts she embodied that she was revered and accepted as a guide even among men. In order to perpetuate her acceptance among men, she, at times, had to suppress aspects of her own femininity in order to be better accepted.

 For this reason, Pallas Athena can represents where we may even exhibit androgynous qualities in our chart, or where we pioneer in a cause underrepresented among women. She also embodies the sacred practices of creative visualization, prophecy, and oracle as she was often looked to as THE oracle and guide to go to on any of a number of subjects.

 Look to where you have Pallas Athena in your chart - by house and sign- and you can uncover things about yourself such as:

- how your embody your own masculine energies

- how you can be skilled at wisdom and claircognizance

- how you can embody great strategy, skill, and mental acuity

- how you might feel called to be a leader of people

Pallas Athena is associated with the astrological signs of Libra, Leo, and Aquarius due to her ability to not only enact balance and justice but also lead groups of people and governing bodies.

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Asteroid # 4

Goddess of the Home & Sacred Rites

Asteroid goddess Vesta represents our connection to home, the hearth, and sacred rites. Vesta is associated with sacred priestesses in Rome who guarded a sacred flame. Living and working together, the priestesses were honest and faithful to keeping the temple clean and maintaining guardianship of the sacred flame. They chose service in ritual and magic over creating children and family. Therefore, Vesta is your priestess quality, the aspect of you that is present in your altar space and in the pure, faithful rituals you create.

Vesta also represents our relationship with intimacy, sexuality, and discernment.  These vestal virgins were granted special rights in society. One of these was that were allowed total free will to choose whom they had sex with - and the person to whom they did often received rites of sexual healing in the process. Being chosen by a priestess was considered very sacred!

Understanding your Vesta by house and sign can help you understand things like:

- your relationship with intimacy and whom you allow to receive it

- where you willingly offer faith, service and devotion in your life

- how you embody your inner priest/priestess

- what maintaining a home means/feels like to you

Because of her devotion to service, sacred healing rites, intimacy, and discernment, Vesta is associated with the signs of Virgo and Scorpio. She represents where we carry devotion in our life, and in transit or transiting aspect (particularly with that of an eclipse) can also be a potent indicator of when intimacy is being formed, mended, or broken.

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Asteroid #3

Goddess of Marriage & Loyalty

Then, we move onto the goddess all about marriage, long term commitments and bonding, and the loyalty that comes with that. This goddess is Juno. Juno (also known as Hera) was Zeus's wife. She was his loyal partner, even through alllllllllllll of his shady dealings with other women, nymphs and more. In many ways, she is the anti-Lilith. She stuck it through with him even when she could have done better to move on or seek better for herself. However, there is no rivaling the fact that her loyalty and commitment to the bond of marriage was unmatched.

What is easy to forget, though, is that Juno also got her revenge (muhahahahha)...just, unfortunately upon the women whom Zeus cheated with, and sometimes - but not always - Zeus himself. There are many, many mythological stories you can read about of the comings and goings of Zeus and Juno/Hera. Each was trying to outwit the other or get revenge on the other for their deception, betrayal, and escapades (with Zeus being the one to actually manifest those betrayals in the physical). In this respect, Juno also represents conflict in marriage, and the cat and mouse games a couple can play with one another when there are lies, deception, trickery, or overall lack of equality. It is potential for relationship forgiving and healing orrrrr power plays to the max!

Look to your Juno by house and sign in natal placement to learn:

- the qualities you would most desire in a long term, committed partner

- what types of energies you might embody if that person does not fulfill those desires

- the types of personality types that you remain most loyal to / revere the most

- where you romanticize equality and "your other half" energy in your chart

Juno is most closely linked to Libra energy for her strong pair bonding and relationship vibes. Interestingly, though, she also has a Scorpio component. The parts of her that became jealous and sought revenge, represent the projection of her own hurt feelings about betrayal and cheating. Prominent Juno in one's chart - or particularly between couples in a synastry chart- can represent the balance of power in a relationship.

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Asteroid #1181

Goddess of Fierce Feminine & Justice

Last, (but certainly not least!) we have Lilith. Lilith is the goddess that represents that aspect of the repressed feminine. She was the woman who refused to submit to having sex with a man she did not want, and therefore represents female freedoms, female rebellion, and overcoming oppression from darker agendas. She is truly a champion of the under-served, particularly women. Her rebellious nature means that she will not conform to what another wants. She will rise up and fight for what she believes in.

She can also represent where we have repressed anger, shame, and potentially even guilt in our chart. Being that Lilith was also associated with taming wild beasts, she also represents alchemy of that raw power and transmuting it through conflict resolution. When properly calibrated, her power is unmatched! A prominent Lilith in one's chart, such as on the Midheaven or Ascendant means that one will surely be active in supporting the oppressed, harnessing her power to guide and lead freedom and rights.

 Look to the position of your Lilith by house and sign to understand:

- where you may internalize shame or guilt in your life

- where you may feel you need to be rebellious and defy "the norm"

- where you might feel inclined to champion the oppressed

- where you might have pioneering and conflict resolution energy


Ultimately, Lilith chose exile and alienation rather than conforming to something she didn't want to do. Therefore, Lilith is strongly linked to Mars and Pluto /Aries and Scorpio. She represents the purging of some of the more subversive elements of society, yet she is strong, warrior-esque, and a needed champion of her own needs. Watch for these themes by house and sign placement of Lilith in your chart, and witness her inner magic unfold!

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