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13 July – A Witchy Number for a Witchy Super Full Moon!

July 13, 2022

New Moon in Capricorn January 12 2021 Meaning: Who Will Be Affected? |  StyleCaster


Hey, hey, it’s time for a Full Moon! This time, it’s in the security and career-orientated sign of Capricorn. In fact, many of the themes this week are to do with security, what with quite a few planets in Cancer, Capricorn’s opposite sign. 

Opposite signs are always same-same, but different. This makes it important, this week, with this Full Moon, to integrate and balance both our innerandouter sense of security. This Full Moon may be a touch less emotional than some others, but not by much. Notice what you may be feeling and remember to nurture your inner child. 



  • Be ready for accomplishments, culminations and achievements in your outer world – your career and professional life in particular. Full Moons are times of climax, and with this one, we can all give ourselves a pat on the back for hard work well done. 
  • Balance your private life with your public life. Spend time at home, cooking yourself nourishing food and spending time with your roommates, your sweetheart, pets or family. Because what’s the point of being a success if you have no one to share it with? 


  • Repress your feelings. No matter how powerful your emotions are, do your best to be present with them and not throw yourself into something external to distract yourself from what might be coming up to be resolved.