2021 Fashion Trends to Try for the Holidays Based on Your Zodiac

2021 Fashion Trends to Try for the Holidays Based on Your Zodiac

The holidays are right around the corner. That means it’s time to dress up and put on your best look. Whether you’re having a small get-together with your family and friends or you’re attending a Zoom company party, you deserve to look and feel fabulous.

Inspiration for your glamorous holiday outfit can come from different sources. Why not take inspiration from your stars?

Here are some fabulous holiday outfit ideas based on your zodiac sign.

Attractive Aries

Arians know how to dress well for any occasion. They know how to straddle the line of decency and fashion boldness with streamlined pieces consisting of unique splashes of color.

The Trend for You: Leather is sleek, chic, and bold. Rocking a leather jacket this winter gives you an edgy look while you keep warm. Add a golden zodiac necklace in the mix for a classy pop of color.

Trendsetting Taurus

When it comes to fashion fearlessness, Taureans are right up there with the Arians. They like choosing attention-grabbing pieces with lovely accessories to match.

The Trend for You: If anyone can make knitwear look modern and stylish, it’s you.

Glam Gemini

When it comes to fashion exploration, Geminis are all for it. They’re up for trying the latest trend and hate being boxed into a category. They’re interesting people and are not afraid to make fashion choices along those lines.

The Trend for You: Be the talk of the town when you wear NASA-inspired outfits with a beautiful astrology bracelet.

Comfortable Cancer

Cancers like to balance comfort and fashion. They prefer wearing timeless pieces that don’t restrict movement or impede their comfort levels.

The Trend for You: Satisfy your need to feel classy and comfy with a tailored, pleated skirt, a solid-colored blouse, and a birth chart necklace to add some sparkle.

Lively Leo

Leos live for the attention. They may not be attention-seekers, but they command attention in any room that they enter. Their zest for life is evident in their fashion choices that feature bold and vibrant pieces.

The Trend for You: Shine like the star that you are in outfits that glitter with rhinestones and sequins. You’re not attending any party—you are the party.

Venerable Virgo

Virgos may like classic and tailored pieces. They like restraint and subtlety in their fashion choices and aim for poised and polished looks.

The Trend for You: The modern take of 1960s fashion is perfect for you. It melds the timeless silhouette of the decade with the elegance of the future.

Laudable Libra

Libras have a keen sense of style and are not afraid to mix fashion-forward pieces in their daily wardrobe. They are drawn to metallic trims and studs, but they like velvets and laces from time to time.

The Trend for You: Your eclectic tastes deserve an eclectic style. Patchwork outfits with their combination of different textiles and fabrics capture your penchant for the extraordinary.

Safe Scorpio

When Scorpios find a piece they like, they keep it close. They unabashedly favor them and are never afraid to wear them again and again.

The Trend for You: If you’re not fond of dipping your toes in the fashion deep-end, don’t worry because you can catch the lilac wave. Be it shirts and jeans, as long as it’s lilac, it’s trendy.


When there are way too many style trends that you want to try, get a little inspiration from your 
zodiac. They can give you a little push in the direction of finding the style that is genuinely you.

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