3 Myths about Astrology, Debunked

3 Myths about Astrology, Debunked

Civilizations thousands of years ago have relied on reading the stars to gain more insight about their lives, which is a practice that has carried well into the 21st century. Although it is an age-old practice, it has been the subject of intense scrutiny, skepticism, and ridicule, mainly due to the widespread misunderstanding of what astrology really is.

Although reading horoscopes in magazines and newspapers is fun, it only barely touches the surface of what astrology truly has to offer. When used correctly, it can give you the tools you need to understand yourself more, make better choices, and realize your potential. However, before uncovering the true magic of astrology, it is crucial to dispel the rumors and myths that continue surrounding it. Here are some of the most common myths about astrology:

1. Astrology is Related to Magic and Witchcraft

People who don’t believe in astrology quickly dismiss it as a hoax or something unbelievable, like the magic you read about and see in books and visual media. However, astrology is the art of interpreting the state of the universe on a particular day. The primary component here is an astrological birth chart, which is a snapshot of the sky the moment you were born, capturing the position of the sun and the planets.

Given the celestial bodies involved in astrology, many people immediately link the art to magic and witchcraft, which are separate fields. All three heavily rely on the moon and sun both in significance and symbol, and some practitioners overlap their beliefs in them, but astrology is manifestly a distinct study.

2. Astrology is Just a Hobby

Lots of people enjoy reading their horoscopes online for fun. However, astrology can bring more meaning into your life when you dive into it. For instance, there are different kinds of astrology. The one you find in magazines and online horoscopes is Western astrology, but Vedic astrology is deeply reliant on karma and reincarnation. In this tradition, practitioners believe that when a person dies, the subconscious mind goes with the soul and leaves the body, carrying all the individual’s feelings, memories, desires, experiences, and accumulated karma. The subconscious then chooses when, where, and what you’ll be born.

You can then use your birth chart to decode and understand what happened to you in the past, what potential avenues you can explore, and how you tend to react to things. It also holds information about your accumulated karma that only a professional astrologer can understand, making it way more significant than just weekly horoscopes!

3. Astrology Can Predict or Alter the Future

This myth is the most egregious one of all and the reason many people criticize astrology. However, the truth is that astrology cannot predict what will happen to you in the future, but it can empower you to make smart, conscious decisions about your life and stay true to yourself. It helps you align with choices that serve you best, helping you live a fulfilling life of few regrets.

Many people mistakenly believe that an astrologer can drastically alter their life, but this isn’t possible. You are in charge of your destiny, and you have the power to sway it. People shouldn’t rely on astrology readings on their day-to-day decisions but as a tool that will nudge them toward the right direction by being more conscious of themselves and acting with more intention.


Astrology has a lot more to offer than brief weekly horoscopes that make flimsy predictions about your luck. It is a rich study that you can use for introspection, helping you understand yourself more, work towards becoming a better person and consciously choosing opportunities that are most beneficial to you and your growth.

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