A Guide to the Most Important Parts of the Natal Charts

A Guide to the Most Important Parts of the Natal Charts

Over the last few years, astrology has become more popular in mainstream society. But its explanation remains complicated, with horoscopes and astrology sites providing forecasts based on sun signs alone.

Guess what? Astrology is much deeper than just your sun sign. It is essentially a universal map that describes your entire identity—it goes far beyond sun signs.

Just as the three dimensions of time, space, and matter are all part of a continuum, so too is your identity. Unlike sun signs, which only describe energetic influences at a glance, your natal chart details your soul in great depth, which is why it can accurately describe every aspect of your being.

If you are new to natal charts, here are the four most important parts you should know about:

Sun Sign

The sun sign describes the most direct influence on your identity. It is how the world sees you. Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are noted for their fiery energy and leadership roles. People born under these sun signs are more likely to be leaders, firebrands, and entrepreneurs.

Cancer, Virgo, and Capricorn are associated with a domestic, nurturing energy, and people born under these sun signs are more likely to be teachers, counselors, nurses, and caretakers.

Moon Sign

The moon sign describes your feelings and instinctive reactions. It represents how your emotions sway you and how they affect your reactions to the world around you.

A moon sign of Cancer is more likely to be sentimental and nurturing. A moon sign of Taurus is more likely to be affectionate and nurturing. If you have a moon sign of Capricorn, you are more likely to be stoic/

Ascendant Sign

The ascendant sign is how other people see how you see yourself, and it indicates how you see yourself in the world. The ascendant sign also shows how you project yourself to the world, whether you want to be seen as a leader or a team player, an architect or a builder, an artist or a scientist.

If you arrive at a party and everyone is dressed up, you will likely be drawn toward the people in formal attire. If everyone is in jeans and T-shirts, you’re more likely to mingle with the people in jeans and T-shirts

Whether you are drawn toward the party-goers in formal attire or the people in jeans and T-shirts is your ascendant energy, or the way you project yourself to the world. It is the way other people perceive you—your innate brand. It’s your brand.

Midheaven Sign

Contrary to popular opinion, the Midheaven sign does not indicate where you’ll end up; it simply shows how you’ll arrive there. A Midheaven sign of Taurus indicates the route will be slow, steady, and steady; a Midheaven sign of Capricorn suggests that the route will be hard and work fast.

The Bottom Line

Natal charts far exceed sun signs when describing a person’s identity. Sun signs are based on one side of your chart, but your natal chart is based on a complete set of twelve different planetary aspects, with the twelve areas of your identity represented in all 12 signs. As you can see, these four parts are just the tip of the iceberg.

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