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February 08, 2022

For anyone interested in Astrology, you've likely heard of the Twelve Houses. The Twelve Houses are twelve divisions of the horoscope that play a significant role in Astrology. They're among the most important tools we have to understand our unique personality, strengths and weaknesses, the people and situations we're attracted to, and much more.

Understanding the Twelve Houses is a little tricky. In fact, even veteran astrologers have different opinions on interpreting them. Regardless, it's worth knowing more about them.

In this article, we'll shed light on the topic of the Twelve Houses. Read on below to get started.

The First House of Self

The First House is the most important house in a horoscope. This is the house of self, and it represents our unique personality and how we express ourselves to the world.

This is the house that encompasses all of the planets in our chart (including the Sun and Moon) in our chart. The planets in this house could represent our mannerisms, our personality, the way we dress, where we choose to live, our approach to life, and much more.

This house of self is also one of the most critical parts of the chart because it can show whenwe're the most vulnerable. If a planet is placed in the first house, this planet is our weakest link.

The Second House of Possessions

The Second House is the house of possessions. It represents what we own and how we approach our money. Placing an important planet in the first house can indicate high-risk behavior with money.

This is the house of dealing with our finances, but also where we are most likely to take risks and make mistakes with money. Any planets placed here could also represent our financial problems or where we're likely to see losses or have a setback financially.

The Third House of Communication

The house of communication represents how we communicate with the world. This is where we deal with siblings, neighbors, and our daily routine.

Placing a planet in this house can represent a weaker sense of self-worth, communication issues with loved ones, or easily influenced by our siblings.

The Fourth House of Home

The Fourth House is our house of home. This is the place we consider home, but also the place where we began. It can represent where we started our journey in life and where we grew up.

A planet in this house could represent where we're likely to feel the most comfortable but also where we feel most vulnerable.

The Fifth House of Pleasure

The Fifth House is the house of pleasure. It represents our love of life, our social life, creative outlets, and how we express our creative selves.

In this chart, this house represents where we derive our greatest pleasure.

The Sixth House of Health

The Sixth House is the house of health. It represents our physical health, including our work and job.

Any planets placed in this house can represent our work and our career, a weak immune system, prone to accidents, or even a workaholic.

The Seventh House of Partnership

The Seventh House is the house of partners. It represents our relationship status and our interactions with others.

A planet in this house can represent our interacting with others and forming relationships and any relationship issues we may face.

The Eighth House of Sex, Death, and Transformation

The Eighth House is the house of sex, death, and transformation. It represents how we handle our deepest desires and willingness to take risks.

A planet in this house can represent our deepest, darkest desires, such as an addiction or secret that we're unwilling to share. It can also represent our willingness to take risks, such as gambling. A planet in this house could also represent where we're most likely to experience a loss.

The Ninth House of Philosophy

The Ninth House is the house of philosophy. It represents how we view the world, our approach to life, and our connection to the universe.

A planet in this house could represent our beliefs and way of thinking, as well as a willingness to learn and experience something new.

The Tenth House of Social Status

The Tenth House is the house of social status. It represents our public image, our career, and how we approach life.

Planets in this house can represent our career and public image and how we're likely to feel when our honor is threatened.

The Eleventh House of Friendship

The Eleventh House is the house of friendship. It represents our day-to-day interactions with others and our wish to help others.

A planet in this house could represent how we behave with others, our selflessness, and our willingness to help those around us. It could also represent a desire to make an impact on the world.

The Twelfth House of the Unconscious

The Twelfth House is the house of the unconscious. It represents our deepest, darkest secrets and our childhood.

Placing a planet in this house can represent our secrets, fears, and hidden desires. It could also represent a childhood that felt particularly difficult.


Understanding the Twelve Houses is an essential part of understanding Astrology. The houses play a significant role in our chart analysis. These houses aren't just divided up randomly. Instead, each house represents a different, unique aspect of our personality.

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