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Astrology 101: What to Know about the 12th House

The soul wishes for the personality to learn how to use it correctly. This is something one can do by harnessing the power of the twelfth house. The idea is that continuing to use or live the ability in the same way as we have in the past will have a negative impact on our life. The planet's discontent reveals that self-awareness, or, more correctly, self-less-ness, has not been achieved. 

Read on to discover more information about the twelfth house.

Understanding the Power of the twelfth House

No matter what house they are in, all planets have a default propensity. The twelfth house serves as a home to our default behaviors, although it frequently goes unnoticed. When we do, it is tough to divert from its embedded nature.  The default option has been modified, limiting the whole range of a planet or sign. Planets will continue to follow their default patterns as long as we fixate on events, blame others, and avoid clarity. The primary goal of each existence is to improve self-awareness and let go of old tendencies. After we've established that all of the horoscope's (chart's) elements are possible, we'll turn our attention to the twelfth house.

Overcoming the Challenges of the 12th House

As human beings, we have a tendency to disregard our twelfth house characteristics. That is the problem. This results in us not being able to fully express ourselves and our authentic qualities or features. In essence, though, understanding how we personally reflect the planets and signs of the twelfth house can help us change our default pattern and personality.

Most people are oblivious that their self-serving or self-fulfilling lifestyles are revitalizing their traits. The latter has a negative impact on one's life. When presented with twelfth house features or attributes, the individual often generates sentiments of remorse or embarrassment rather than pride.

Sacrifice is related to the twelfth house. In our lives, we prefer either sacrificial or sacred sacrifices. The second, on the other hand, necessitates awareness and action (emptiness). Most individuals are dealing with loss, denial, misery, suffering, blaming, scapegoating, death in all its manifestations, and abuse.

As we let go of the personal identities we give to our planets and signs, the Soul that we are may make use of them, significantly altering their expression.

The Karmic House

As a karmic house, the twelfth house is also required as a karmic house. Continuing to act in the same way enhances our karma while doing little to erase the self-will that caused the karmic knot. As a result, we must get a full comprehension of the elements of the twelfth house.

If any planets are in the twelfth house, they may signify a person's sacrifice, bewilderment, dread, fear, or inappropriate expression. Indeed, the twelfth house planet's quality or propensity may have been misinterpreted so frequently that the individual is unwilling to employ it. He or she may always expect to be rejected. 

As a result, this beautiful quality has eroded, resulting in insecurity and a lack of self-awareness. Because this is a karmic habitation, people interact with one other in the same way. As a result, power battles emerge, as does a craving for validation, which is typically met with rejection.

Our Purpose, Soul, and the 12th House

Our life's purpose is to evolve and to serve. As we go along, the Ascendant explains how to finish each task and how it should appear. The planets were put in the twelfth house by Soul, and Soul desires to use them deliberately and artistically rather than letting the personality do so. It is unusual for a personality to achieve extraordinary results.

To prevent exacerbating negative karma, the soul will limit the personality until we can recognize ourselves as Soul and devoid of self. The twelfth house, like the rest of the chart, pours out blessings.


Learning about the different houses in our astrological chart can be a way for us to realize our true selves. Perhaps understanding and unlocking this stage is all a part of our journey. As we obtain a grasp of the planet's and sign's capabilities and tendencies, and how to live them independently of our own, we begin to free ourselves from the karma and karmic patterns linked with them.

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