Astrology and the Parts of the Body

Astrology and the Parts of the Body

By Julie Ann Fae


In this week's Gif inspired romp let's chat the body. That's right....the bodyyyyyyyyyyy.

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Did you know that each part of the body corresponds with a specific astrological sign?

That's right.

Each zodiac sign actually corresponds to a designated part of the body, and, in fact, the expression of that sign in someone's chart (whether afflicted or unafflicted with harsh aspects) can lead to health challenges or health aptitudes.

What's even more incredible is that the positioning of the zodiac signs one has prominently expressed in one's chart manifest in the physical body. For example, someone with strong Aries energy usually has a much more prominent head (Aries rules the head), or people with Taurus sun or moon tend to have rounder, calmer, softer eyes. As an astrologer, I can more easily inform someone's moon sign, ascendant, or dominant chart energies by the physical look they have. It is literally mind-blowing to think about!

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So, without further ado let's take a Gif inspired romp into select parts of the body and which astrological signs they correspond to.



The Head

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac. It likes to be first in everything. Being that our face is the first thing we usually see when we meet someone, it is only logical that Aries would correspond with this area of the body. People with strong Aries energy tend to have larger or more prominent heads, Its like you are magnetized to that part of the body because its energy is prominent.

 Aries is strongly linked to the ego and due to its strong Martian influence, tends to bring in strong physical fitness vibes. People with strong Aries in their chart (sun, moon, rising, or dominant planets) can typically be more into physical fitness or at the very least have a strong awareness of the need for physical fitness and what it can provide. They are, in general, more preoccupied with the look of their physical body and the fitness or physique it could take on. This can develop after the first Saturn return too depending upon how their sun is aspected. An unexercised Aries is a sad Aries! They NEED to release that Martian energy.

 Also, since Aries is Mars ruled and represents that penetrating, go after it effort (of which we all need!) it can sometimes lead to impulsiveness. "Thinking with our head and not our heart", diving in "head first"...see it lining up? Aries is the ram in the zodiac and it's no accident that's associated with head butting. It can represent that "headstrong" quality where we don't necessarily think things through before we act (Libra, Aries' opposite realm, rules that better). Therefore, with this energy we can act impulsively, crude, or rash.

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The Throat

Taurus rules the throat. Earthly pleasures like birds chirping, eating a delightful meal, all of these stem from the throat. Taurus is all about knowing your worth and owning your worth, and this type of communication comes through the throat too. You will find many singers have strong Taurus energy in their chart. 

For example, John Lennon has an EXACT Saturn Jupiter conjunction in Taurus at 13 degrees (in his first house which makes it even more prominent as part of his self identity). This means that his work was in working hard at singing and owning his self worth, but reaping and enjoying the pleasures that could come from all of that simultaneously. Paul McCartney had Venus in Taurus, meaning that he had an innate understanding of what was of high value and pleasure. He could pinpoint a hit intuitively and monetarily. Also, his Uranus at 1 degree of Gemini was always ready to spice things up and reinvent itself.  

Whether you sing privately, publicly, only in the shower, or avoid singing like the plague, singing takes strength, patience and knowledge of self worth to work. These are all things Taurus embodies. Keep on singing!

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The Hands

Speaking of Paul McCartney, my astrologer heart chuckled when I saw THIS vintage picture of The Beatles. Do you see Paul McCartney pointing with his hands in either direction... being the quintessential Gemini?! He has Neptune on his ascendant and Neptune rules the duality of opposing fish too!

Beatles in studio

This picture perfectly illustrates how Gemini rules the hands. After all, Gemini is two and the hands are two. Also, the hands are connected to all things communication and learning and that is Gemini. We gesticulate with them, we turn the pages of books with them, we type on keyboards with them, we investigate things with them..the list can go on and on and on and on (somewhat like Geminis when they have freedom to talk hahaha)...

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The Breast

Have you ever been hugged by a Cancer? They are THE BEST huggers. It's no wonder then that the sign related to motherly love and nurturing is associated with the breasts and chest. It is from this area mothers nurse, foster life, and support nurturance. It is also the space in which we carry the bulk of many of our most important organs vital to survival, and therein our vulnerabilities, emotions, and connections to our deepest elements of love and be loved. 

 As Cancer is on the same axis as Capricorn, it is vital for health and life and vitality, but it goes about it in a softer way than Capricorn does. Cancer rules the vital soft tissues of the body, and Cancer is just that...soft and vital.

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The Heart

Where would we be without lovely Leo? The heart of the lion...hand to you think these phrases are by coincidence?

 Leo is associated with the heart: our passion, our drives, our burning emotions and desires. This is not necessarily in a sexual way like Scorpio, but, instead, a creative, passionate, dramatic, can-you-believe-this, look-at-me kind of way. It makes sense then that it is through getting to our hearts the best creative works are made. They need to touch us emotionally through their creativity, their passion, their artistry. They make us feel more joy, more laughter, more presence to the heart space. 

 The best Leos know how to captivate people in all of these regards.

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The Stomach

If you know Virgos, you know we love health (hello, yours truly, The Fairy Foodie). We are the supplement and nutrition Queens and Kings. We know what to eat, when to eat it, and how to eat it for maximum health and vitality. It is no wonder, then, that Virgo rules the stomach and digestive system. Virgo is all about the digestion of complex, larger parts into more bite sized information. They are all about the organization and compartmentalizing of things, and this is what digestion in the body is all about. Also the stomach is associated with the solar plexus chakra, and this governs the inner child, sense of play, and balance between work and play. Virgos often have a strong self confidence as well and this is governed by the chakra here.

 You can tell someone's balance in work and play by what is going on with their stomach. Is it often upset? Do they have digestive orders in place? These are all signs more needs to be "digested" and "compartmentalized" in their life...greater balance of work vs. play. 

Also, let's be earth signs are always thinking about food at all times. It's because we know how important grounding is!

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The Kidneys

Oh Libra, lovely Libra. I know this energy well because my moon sign, ascendant, and south node are all here. Libra wants balance, balance, balance  and it likes to do things in pairs. Trust me...I frequently buy things in pairs, I alternate things one day on, one day off, I manage two businesses..the list of twos goes on and on!

 Are we surprised that Libra likes to rule a part of the body that comes in pairs, then? NO. 

The kidneys are all about balancing our body through detoxification and moderation. Libra is not shy of work, as Libra does well in Saturn where it knows it will have the patience to process things through. Just like the temperance card in the tarot, the kidneys function to pour one energy from one cup to another. The kidneys help us filter out wastes and excess water and they literally filter our blood, our life force. Libra is all about peace, balance, and harmony and in the body too.



The Sexual Organs

What part of the body do you suppose that pleasure seeking Scorpio energy resonates with? 

The sexual organs of course! 

Yes, Scorpio rules the genitals. Scorpio represents that raw, pleasure seeking, yet all encompassing transformative part of ourselves. It isn't shy and more inward about it like Taurus, but instead raw and out there with it. In the way that the genitals are literally an endpoint of the body, where we with others energy, it represents this aspect of us where we seek union and then transform through it.  

It also represents where we may hold onto pain or trauma, darker aspects that Scorpio rules. The 8th house in astrology is that aspect of ourselves where we engage in union with others- whether it be money via clients, taxes, or sexual relationships. Eight is a number of infinity, and that is what the genitals also entail...transformation and the opportunity to form new life. 

Now that is something to celebrate.

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The Thighs and Mouth

Now, we come into the energy of Sagittarius. Sagittarius is all about springing into action, exploration, travel to new places, exploring far off places and most of all, freedom. Sagittarius is represented in the zodiac as the archer with the bow, and I often associate it with Diana/Artemis vibes including animals such as deer and stag. I also associate Sagittarius with horse spirit animal which is a full embodiment of freedom, travel and power. order to explore such far off places you gotta have strong legs! Sagittarius rules the thighs, hips, and butt. It rules those parts of us that help keep us upright and mobile enough to explore and be active. It also embraces those areas where we might "pack on the extra pounds" as it is Jupiter ruled and Jupiter expands whatever it touches. This is that revelry, that party quality, that indulgence quality..but not in a way like Taurus. It is about fire energy, movement, and indulgence all in one.

 Sagittarius teaches us it is through experience and exploration we can learn too. There are some things that just can't be learned in a textbook (Virgo self: cries softly); you have to physically take yourself there, go through it, do it… 

People with strong Sagittarius energy- particularly with the moon sign- is that of a more prominent mouth or larger teeth. As Sagittarius is on the same axis of Gemini, it too is associated with learning and communication. Sag carries this energy  of the mentor, the guru, the motivational speaker, the inspirer, and it is often through spoken word these types of things come about. This particular aspect is one of the easiest to spot, so have some fun testing it out!

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The Bones

Oh Capricorn, ruled by Saturn. Capricorn is cardinal Earth and represents the start of winter and the steady plight of the winter months that requires strong reserve, perseverance, and determination. It is absolutely about the long haul. Here's a few hints as to what parts of the body Capricorn might the winter you might find people saying it is "bone dry" or  that it is "bone chillingly cold". 

Got any guesses? 

That's right. Capricorn rules the bones of the body, especially the kneecaps and teeth. It's not an accident, then, that when we are overdoing things and need to slow down (Saturn loves to restrict and delay to teach lessons) it's often some type of injury to our main skeletal structure that really knocks us out hardcore.

Many people as they age develop "bad knees" or "problem teeth" and this too is reflective of Saturn's wagging finger. People with strong Saturn, Capricorn, or 10th house aspects in their chart are likely to be more protected in these areas, but those who overexert, over-do and do not define proper logistics in their lives may find Saturn creeps up on them in these bodily areas.

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The Ankles

Aquarius! I want to start this one with a story. One time while I was in Australia, I tripped in a cobblestone alley late at night trying to take out some trash and maneuver in unknown territory I ended up twisting my ankle not enough to be a full sprain or break, but most definitely a hobble and wince and in-need-of-extra-help situation.  

Most particularly, this happened on the EXACT window of a lunar eclipse in Aquarius which, as it turned out, was EXACT on my IC. The IC is the part of your chart that rules spiritual ancestry and "home", and in my astrocartography this part of my chart is lit up all over Southern Australia. So I was literally in the location with the dominant energy of my IC and feeling the energy of a lunar eclipse in that exact degree and sign (translation: Aquarius overload). 

I tell this story because the astrologer in me- once I put this all together- had to laugh. See, Aquarius rules the ankles. Can you get much more "you can't make this stuff up" than that? 

The medicine here is to remember to be flexible, and to try things in different directions. After all, if we didn't have ankles then we could only walk in a straight line, or not try out new directions...and that wouldn't be too much fun at all. Its weird, its unconventional (who wants to rule the ankles?), but as most of us can attest to, this odd quality breeds some interesting spice of life. Some people can roll their ankles in some weird ways and the ankles can often become an offbeat expression statement of the body: ankle straps on shoes, ankle bracelets, anklets...etc.

Some oddly placed self expression? Aquarius would have it no other way.

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The Feet

So then we conclude with the last but not least sign of the zodiac, Pisces. Pisces is the imaginative, all things are possible, dreamy sign of the zodiac. It is ruled by Neptune which rules the oceans.

It is not surprising, then, that Pisces being the last and catch all sign of the zodiac rules the last part of the body we would think about…

The feet. 

I think many of us don't really think about our feet THAT much (how appropriate for subsconscious ruled Pisces). Since the feet are the last part of the body we typically look at (an energetic imprint of your soul if you will) they can reveal a lot about us. Boot or flip flop fiend? Crocs and socks? It's all revealed in the shoewear we choose. 

When we really think about this astro-body-part-pairing it is quite magical and beautiful, though. Our feet are the first to experience sensory experiences of this world...the first part of our body to dip our toes into the ocean, walk on the Earth to get grounded, or chase after our babies, pets, or dragonflies in a spirit of play and inner child glee. It is what we use to run, and achieve, but to also step forward. In short, we use our feet for a lot of beautiful, loving, and peaceful things...all things Pisces embraces.

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I hope you enjoyed this Gif inspired romp providing wit and wisdom in astrological guidance. I know that astrology is a powerful tool, and I am sure you will come to understand that in time too.

Share this with another who would enjoy it! 

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