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Breaking Down Your Birth Chart's Benefic & Malefic Planets

Much of how we live our lives is determined by the placement of stars and planets upon our birth. Knowing how their alignment applies to our person can help us to find our full character and direction.

Every custom birth chart has different placements that contribute to the whole picture. What is less discussed is how you can divide these into your benefic and malefic planets.

What Are Benefic Planets?

Benefic planets are celestial bodies that bring positive outcomes and are favorable. They are called the "benefic" because they serve to help you achieve good things. They are generally represented by planets such as Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter.

In particular, Jupiter and Venus are supposed to dictate your good practices and the way you interact with other individuals. Mercury is also a natural benefic because it is a eunuch planet, though it can be malefic for certain astrological placements.

While not planets themselves, the Moon and Sun are benefic during the waxing phase.

What Are Malefic Planets?

Malefic planets have a negative impact on your life. They are frequently represented by Saturn, Mars, and Rahu.

Mars is widely known for its ravaging effects, often taking your good intentions and focusing them into negative action. Anger and destruction are dictated by Mars. Saturn is for revenge and bad luck. Again, the Moon and Sun become malefic when it's the waning phase.

The Significance of Benefic and Malefic Placement

A birth chart is formed by design, and each planet has a different purpose. Though there are general placements, it also depends on the exact house that the planet is in on your birth chart.

For instance, if you have a malefic planet in your fourth house, you're likely to have a hard time with your career. This placement is beneficial because it's in your third house, but it's a bad position for the fourth.

You will find the more malefic planets often in the ninth, eighth, and twelfth houses. These houses are closely connected to the way you interact with others. If there are malefic planets in these houses, it can often mean that you have a difficult time with your interactions with people.

On the flipside, benefic planets in these houses will have a positive impact on your character and development.

How to Get Your Birth Chart

Whether you use a free birth chart tool online or try to calculate yourself, you can find your placements by using your birth date, time, and location.

You may not be entirely sure what you're looking at when you get your chart, but it's important to take note of the general placement of stars and planets. This gives you time to analyze the chart and figure out whether or not the planets are benefic or malefic for your results.

It's important to note the houses because this will change whether or not a certain planet has a positive outcome for you. Knowing what influences your birth chart gives you a profound insight into who you are as a person.


Benefic and malefic planets are essential to learning more about your character and how it's built. When you know how your whole sign house system works, you can have a deeper understanding of your life.

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