Cake to your Moon: Venus Conjunct Moon in Astrology

Cake to your Moon: Venus Conjunct Moon in Astrology

By Julie Ann Fae

In honor of the approaching season of love with Valentine's Day, I decided to chat Moon-Venus pairings in signs. Venus represents how we like to give, receive, shamelessly flirt, and attract energies in. Its that love or hate quality, and the sign and house its in determine what we love and hate best. The Moon represents our subconscious, out tenderness, how we feel safe, nurtured, and at home. When we look at Moon with Venus aspects- particularly if in the same sign-it becomes one of the most powerful bonding aspects to look for in love synastry.

Venus is also transiting in Pisces as I write this, so to add some more Neptunian vibes I have added theme songs and mirroring aspects along with our usual Gif romp. I chose these songs not by title but by lyrics and energy of the songs. My Moon in Libra in the 12th house is all about the musical energies! Also, to honor Aquarius season these do not appear in traditional order from Aries to Pisces but instead by a moon sign and then its opposite. Enjoy! 


Moon + Venus in Scorpio

Moon-Venus in Scorpio is probably one of my most favorite combos to talk about because its just so intense and bonding. Pluto is co-ruler of Scorpio and intimately associated with power, control, sexuality, and obsession. Beyonce and Jay Z have this combo. Queen B is the Moon Scorpio person; Jay Z is the Venus Scorpio person. Have you ever listened to the song "Partition"?  100% Moon + Venus Scorpio vibes like WHOA. I honestly believe a Moon Venus Scorpio couple can overcome just about anything, as the level of depth and devotion to one another goes very deep. And for those of us familiar with the ins and outs of the Bey-Jay Z love story we know they have overcome quite a lot in theirs.

Mirroring Aspect: Well it's quite obvious what this kind of couple can mirror to one another here...obsession. To the extent that the one is too intense, too invasive, or too mitigating of softness and wants to exert control, the other will give it right back to them. It's kind of an endless feedback loop of power, control, power plays, and obsession. Kinda sexy at the same time, though, right?

Theme Song: Partition by Beyonce

Animated GIF


Moon + Venus in Taurus

To the extent that Moon-Venus in Scorpio is intense and extreme, this pairing is its exact opposite,  sweet and sumptuous.Venus is exalted in Taurus and the Moon loves being in Taurus. This is the energy of financial security and fulfillment, with attention to earthly pleasures. This is equally a sexy pairing but more in an "I'm worth it, come and get me" energy instead of a "I will hunt you and chase you down to own you" energy like Scorpio.Together this pairing will make it, be worth it, and own their sense of self worth. They will enjoy earthly pleasures like wine, intimacy (hopefully), massages, and of!

Mirroring Aspect: The shadow side of Taurus is that it wants what it wants and fusses when it doesn't get it. It often won't budget until it does get it. Taurus can be too hung up on "come and get me" instead of "I'll go after it myself". Two people with a Moon-Venus pairing can both be too stubborn and unbudgeable such that things are almost too indulgent and "lazy". They will mirror this to each other and help them see when it is "too much".

Theme Song: Badass Woman by Meghan Trainor

Date Night Love GIF by Hallmark Channel


Moon + Venus in Aries

Moon in Aries and Venus in Aries share in common the fiery, impulsive, impatient, hot or not, difficulty with seeing the gray areas that Aries exerts. After all, it is in Libra's realm (Aries' opposite) that we have the patience to be still, pause, and examine both sides. The strength of this pairing is that they are go-getters. This is the couple that will be champions in sports, physical fitness, or something requiring warrior/warrioress prowess. If they can channel their mutual Aries energies into that, then they will surely be a motivational force to be reckoned with.

Mirroring Aspect: This relationship of impatience doesn't necessarily serve us well in intimate relationships. That space in between, that pause to reflect and consider both sides...well that is the space that can hold compassion, love, and opportunities for forgiveness. In the ways that the other reacts, cuts the other off, or hurts the other out of impatience, they will feel it and it will mirror back to them their own tendencies to do the same.

Theme Song: Home with You by Madison Beer

Kylo GIF


Moon + Venus in Libra

Moon and Venus in Libra is such a beautiful, harmonious pairing of romance, love, and equality values. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle actually have this together (she is the Moon person; he is the Venus person). Since Libra is at home with Venus, this shares a beauty in the arts, love, verbal praise, the aesthetics, fairness, justice, and equality. In the way that the Aries Moon-Venus couple would be fiery and impulsive, this couple would be patient, calm, and lovey dovey. There's would be a peaceful pairing and one of aligned values of beauty, calm and love. Maybe I am biased since I am a Moon in Libra person, but honestly can you ask for anything better than that?

Mirroring Aspect: The tricky bit here is the shadow side of Libra...indecisiveness. Weighing things out SO much that nothing gets done is stressful. If either person has some fire energy in their chart this will help counteract this. It also means that decisions might just take...well, longer. To the extent that this type of delayed pausing and hemming and hawing frustrates the other, it will for sure be a mirror aspect to each other.

Theme Song: Adore You by Harry Styles

Valentines Day Love GIF by Chibird


Moon + Venus in Gemini

When we put a mercurial air sign with the Moon, it can make things a bit crazy making. Moon in Gemini becomes like two moon personalities (as Gemini is duality/ the twins) and putting that with a Venus in Gemini person (another pairing) makes for four potential personalities coming out at a given time. One thing's for sure though, this type of relationship is NEVER boring! Its intellectually stimulating and ever changing. If we throw some planets in fire into the mix it gets even more intense!

Mirroring Aspect:  To the extent you yourself get tired of being too crazy, mutable, or ungrounded, you need only look to your partner. You will remind each other of the need to ground and just WHY you need to do so!

Theme Song: Glad He's Gone by Tove Lo (heads up: song is not kid friendly)



Moon + Venus in Sagittarius

Sagittarius has the unfortunate reputation in astrology of being associated with cheating. This is because, well, mutable fire...passion...and the whole Zeus/many lovers thing (Zeus and Jupiter are synonymous). There's one thing I know for sure with Sagittarius likes to have fun. Whether it's a good natured game of bowling or an all out festivus of drinking and dancing, they want to be there and not talk work like their Capricornian brother, or depth of emotions and feelings like their Scorpion sister. This means that this Venus Moon placement is all about two people getting out and having fun, embracing positivity, glee, and joy. It's a fun placement to have for sure...but just watch out where some of those lips lock by the end of the night!

Mirroring Aspect:  The shadow side of Sagittarius is eluding what's wrong and glossing over their problems through over-optimism (yes, there is such a thing). The two people in this relationship will mirror this aspect to each other, and because Jupiter is involved (Moon Sag is built in moon Jupiter) it will magnify things until they become big enough to be addressed. After all, Jupiter is all about the lessons.

Theme Song: My Oh My by Camila Cabello

Honey Boo Boo Gif I Just Want To Have Fun GIF


Moon + Venus in Virgo

Venus in Virgo (yours truly) can be perfectionistic and detail oriented when it comes to partnerships and love. Virgo does quite well being self sufficient and being independent and its because of that its choosy about what it brings into its space. There's a perfectionist quality to not wanting someone else to do the work that they feel they can do themselves. They also see everything (their third house is actually Scorpio so intellectually they go deep and see quite a lot). Virgos are also really good at boundaries and saying No. Pisces, Virgo's opposite rules no boundaries-great for romance, challenging for nearly all other life aspects.


Mirroring Aspect: This placement can help the other heal by illuminating the ways in which the one is too critical and causing them harm. The nitpicking and overly in the details can become too much sometimes and lose the spark and fun of life. Here they will to mirror it to each other and thus witness it within themselves.

Theme Song: No by Meghan Trainor

Stop It Neil Patrick Harris GIF


Moon + Venus in Pisces

Venus loves being in Pisces. It's not technically at home here like it would be in Taurus or Libra, but it is happy here. It is free to dream, and to relish in the arts, music, fantasy, and illusions. These are all things that make for good love affairs and romance! Here Venus can play and dream, and relish in non-reality. A moon Pisces person is highly sensitive, empathic, and almost overly in tune with feelings. They feel everythingggg...even the things they don't know they are feeling. A Venus in Pisces person is more able to process these feelings because at least it is not subconscious like the Moon. However, the Venus person is equally sappy, loving, forgiving, and compassionate. Together this pairing can manifest a lot of healing and forgiveness, grace, and ease...but mostly when they are in their own feelings and not in everyone else's.

Mirroring Aspect: It is obvious here what can be mirrored here...emotional overload. Pisces absorbs everything. It is like the cosmic sponge, being the 12th sign and 12th house, it is an accumulation of all that comes before it. This can get confusing, heavy and messy if not energetically handled and cleared properly. This couple needs to take care to routinely clean their energy and practice self care. When that goes askew, the other will see it, feel it, and it will all become more magnified. They will help each other see how vital these practices to clear, shield, and protect truly are.

Theme Song: I Don't Care by Ed Sheeran with Justin Bieber

I Love You Blowing Kisses GIF by DeRay Davis


Moon + Venus in Aquarius

Oh Aquarius, the rebellious sign of the zodiac . It is quirky, weird, and offbeat but oh so needed! As you can imagine, Moon Venus pairings here are non traditional when it comes to love. Moon in Aquarius is great for friendship, and Venus in Aquarius can be up for non traditional type love or romance. They might be into polyamory, or simply an open-non monogamous or unique style relationship.  This couple together has some potential for separation, as Uranus rules detachment. The couple might spend long amounts of time apart, or simply be from vastly different locales, or even in a true long distance relationship. Whatever the case may be, this couple experiences love even through friend groups, and the friend groups they belong to will be an almost extension of their relationship.They like to keep things inventive and will want that changeability feel to things.

Mirroring Aspect: Since Aquarius is fixed air, this couple can mirror to one another just that...rigidity when it comes to something. They might get fixated on a  particular idea and not be able to let it go. This can manifest as arguing for the sake of arguing. This occurs particularly in an at-home environment, since Taurus is occupying their fourth house. Maybe they just expect something to go somewhere, or go out somewhere and they cannot see any other way around it happening but that. Petty squabbles could come up over this fixed air-ness and this couple will certainly mirror that to one another.

Theme Song: Watermelon Sugar by Harry Styles

Cat Helmet GIF


Moon + Venus in Leo

In the ways that Aquarius is calm, cool, and collected, Leo is fiery, passionate and wants all the attention. It is no surprise then that Moon Venus Leo people would want all of these latter things in their relationship. Moon in Leo people tend to be quite artsy and artistic. Many musicians, singers, and artists, even if seemingly earth signs often have Moon in Leo or planets in Leo. The Venus person would do well to have dated a lot of people first before settling down. It helps them process through much of the fiery passion they have and want to explore. But once they do find their match they will be loyal and treat them too like royalty. The Moon Leo person needs emotional support for their artistic expression, and the Venus in Leo person will appreciate that creativity and honor it for them.


Mirroring Aspect:  The shadow side of Leo is that it can be a little bit well...full of itself. Sometimes this is hard for them to see with Pisces/Neptunian vibes landing in their 8th house (house of Scorpio and fixed emotions). With a flair for the dramatic and enjoying the spotlight, sometimes they can make small things into bigger things. Here, this Moon-Venus duo will mirror this aspect to one another. We can only hope they have some other quelling planets in their charts for calm, or solid friends around them who can put them back to center when needed.

Theme Song: Put A Little Love on Me by Niall Horan

Dirty Dancing Love GIF by Lionsgate Home Entertainment


Moon + Venus in Cancer

This placement is soft and sweet, wholesome, nurturing, and caretaking to their partner. The Moon Cancer person feels things deeply, appreciates home, family, romance and all things sappy, emotional, and sweet. The Venus in Cancer person shares a love too for all things home, family, cute, sweet, and nurturing. This breeds instant common ground to snuggle in pjs at home and watch movies surrounded by pets.

Mirroring Aspect: To the extent that one or the other can be a bit too clingy, too emotional, or too overly sensitive the other will help hold space for that, witness it, and mirror it back to them by their own behaviors, thus providing a lot of learning.

Theme Song: 10,000 Hours by Dan + Shay and Justin Bieber



Moon + Venus in Capricorn

This pairing is great for business partnerships, and overall can be a bit of dryer pairing, but this pairing provides a serious, disciplined, very responsible type relationship. The moon person in this pairing holds this deep sense of responsibility to work and career at an emotional level (a sort of constant, deep, nagging inner turmoil of "never doing enough"). The Venus person innately has a love and thirst for career and success. Together, they are focused, mature and responsibilities aligned.

Mirroring Aspect:  Workaholic much? With all this shared love for career and success, there's bound to be someone at some point feeling a bit left out. There will overall be a lot of understanding about this though.With this Moon-Venus placement there is understanding and witnessing of what being a workaholic looks like intimately. They can work together and actually support one another in these regards. The other will "get it".

Theme Song: Work from Home by Fifth Harmony

Late Work GIF


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