Cancer Season, Solstice & Your Horoscopes | 19 - 25 June 2023

Cancer Season, Solstice & Your Horoscopes | 19 - 25 June 2023

The change of season is upon us, what with the start of Solstice, marked by the move of the Sun into sensitive, empathetic and intuitive Cancer on June 21st. Phew! That was a mouthful, right? Let’s break it down. 

Solstices are often about a new beginning, or a release, depending on which Hemisphere you're in. If you’re Northern Hemisphere, it’s about endings. After this date (June 21st), the Earth starts moving further and further away from this mighty Luminary. The days stay long for a little while, but they begin to slowly become shorter and shorter.  Thus, we release the Sun back to the Underworld as we prepare for the Winter that will come in about six months. 

As such, ask yourself what you need to release as the days become shorter, or what can you begin, as the earth starts making her way closer to the Sun.  It’s a beautiful time to do a ritual, whether that looks like burning something in the fire – a Sun symbol – or carving your intentions into a candle, for example.   

We also have to consider the sign of Cancer, where the Sun is making his home for the next few weeks. Cancer represents the hearth and home, family, safety, security and nurturing. As such, nourishing our inner child is something that we can all do, regardless of our location, creed, or culture. 

Now, let’s take a look on individuals insights into what the stars have in store for each sign during 19 -25 June 2023:


Right before the Sun moves into a new sign, you may be scratching your head and feeling a little confused. The lines of communication seem to have shut down, and everything seems all mixed up. As such, rather stay silent than agree to anything that you may end up regretting later on. The energies shift tremendously, bringing clarity and insight before you know it. As the Sun makes its home in your family sector, you’ll feel the need to hunker down and spend time with your nearest and dearest.



Nothing stresses you out more than the prospect of financial troubles. The start of this week may have you feeling like you’re on a slippery slope, but don’t worry – it’ll pass. The best approach you can have right now is to be very careful with decisions that you make. Avoid them altogether, if you can, because you just don’t have all the facts yet. But you will, soon. As the start of the new season commences, your mind will be whirring with new ideas and clever plans.



Mercury, your planetary ruler, squares off with Neptune this week. As such, your normally very clear mind is likely to be spinning a little, making it hard to think straight. It’s possible that you’re being overly influenced by other people speaking into your world, so try your best to filter those voices out and find your own clarity. Honesty is the best policy at the moment, so ensure that you’re speaking your truth, even if it’s scary.  



It’s the start of your Birthday season, what with the Sun moving into your very own sign. This marks the start of a new personal cycle for you. Think about what you’d like to manifest in the weeks and months to come. What is it that you want for yourself, personally? Forget about your family and partner for just a moment. Place one hand on your heart and ask yourself what you would do, if you could do anything? 


LEO ♌︎

The Sun is your ruler, and this, anything this powerful Luminary does is important. This week, the Sun heads into the sign of Cancer, larking the Solstice and change of season. For you, this is a short ‘Winter' period, regardless of your actual location. You're going into hibernation, so embrace it. get quiet. Shed the baggage that you don’t want to take with you into the next season, which will be your very own Birthday month. Go ahead and let go.


Your ruler, Mercury, is configured to Neptune in a testy square aspect this week. This brings a kind of mental fog and possible confusion, making it hard to see the wood for the trees. Your intuition is nudging you; can you hear it? It’s telling you to listen to what people are saying beneath the words rather than taking them at face value. If you’re feeling deception, you’re likely right. Confront it. Clear the air.



The Sun moves into the highest point of your natal Chart this week. As such, you should be shining brightly. Don’t even try to hide that light. You should be seen. You deserve acknowledgement, appreciation, validation and praise for all that you are and do. This new season could be an excellent one in your professional world. Take the bull by the horns and get creative. Pour yourself into everything that you do. Mark your work with your unique legacy.


This week, the Sun heads into your fellow water sign of Cancer. It’s a period of spiritual growth, of gaining knowledge and intuitive connection to whatever you consider to be Divine Source. If you believe in guides and angels, now would be the time to get up close and personal. Prayer and meditation will serve you very well, as will some sort of journey, whether that’s an inner or outer one. Find a way to travel in these next few weeks. There are ways and means without having to step a foot outside your home.


This new season may be quite an emotional one for you. Don’t try and run away from the feels. Run towards them, instead. Then go ahead and release. Surrender. The softer you become, the more open you become. If you have a partner, open up and be vulnerable to them, too. You’ll be surprised at the depths you could reach together. Be prepared to change and transform a little during Cancer Season. Let something in your world die in order to be reborn.



The Sun heads into your opposite sign of Cancer this week. This is the area associated with relationships for you, so you should, as a result, be feeling quite close to others. In fact, you may, uncharacteristically, want to go all-in to a particular relationship. Just be careful that you don’t lose your sense of self, your identity. There’s a healthy level of merging, a healthy level of empathy. Rescuing or enabling won’t serve anyone, so be sure to allow others to help themselves, too. 




The start of the week is likely to be a little disappointing for you. Maybe a relationship or creative project isn’t working out the way that you thought it would. That’s okay. Consider this a valuable lesson to learn and move on. Besides, with the seasons changing now, your focus is moving to more practical issues, such as work, routine, health and wellness. Projects are likely to pick up, and you’ll likely also develop greater empathy towards those you work with.  



The Sun’s move into Cancer comes as a welcome relief from the potential disillusionment that you’re likely experiencing within your home and family situation. Or, perhaps your boundaries are being crossed and you’re tired of trying to sidestep the truth in order not to hurt anyone. Now’s the time to stick up for yourself. The energy is shifting, helping things to be lighter and brighter. Helping you to get in touch with what your Inner child truly needs right now. Romance, fun, dancing and play are all healing activities available to you.



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