Can't Find Your Career Path? Let Astrology Help You!

Can't Find Your Career Path? Let Astrology Help You!

Many people have doubts about astrology and its impact on one's life. However, some don't realize that astrology can help you with your relationships and career! Stars and jobs sound irrelevant, but you'll be surprised by how much astrology can find you your ideal position.

Astrology is a complex system that can be used for self-reflection and critical thinking—it is a very detailed guide that can help you fully understand yourself and the people around you. Astrology, like many other things in life, is not absolutely correct. However, if you know it well, it can guide you to the right career path.

Once you have your astrological birth chart, follow these steps to gain insights career-wise:

Find Out What Your Big Three Is

The "Big Three" means your Sun, Moon, and Mercury. These are the aspects that have the most impact on your personality and the ones you have the most ease with. Your Big Three answers the questions: What do you do well? What are you naturally good at? What do you get, feel, or know—that others don't?

From your Big Three, you can find out what your gifts are. Your gifts are the things you do well and easily, without even thinking about it. These are the things you were born to do.

Once you are aware of your gifts, you can start moving forward toward the career you long for. Based on those gifts, you can figure out what kind of job suits you. For example, if your gift is writing and you are in a marketing job, you might feel happier if you found a job that allows you to use your natural inclination towards writing.

Understand What Your Midheaven Is Telling You

The Midheaven and the Moon are two other planets that provide important clues about your career. As the "career planet," the Midheaven reflects your public image and the image you want to create in the world. The Midheaven puts you in the limelight and helps you create the image you want to project to the world, making it the most powerful of the 10th house.

If you have planets in the midheaven, you have special career potential. The planets in your Midheaven represent the things you feel most comfortable doing. Make a list of the activities and areas of life you like or have some passion for. Reflect carefully and put down the ones that interest you the most.

Once you have your list, start eliminating those that don't fit your personality. For example, if you have a list of things you like to do and find that none of those things concern your career, you might want to drop those suggestions.


Once you have your Big Three and your Midheaven, try to put the pieces together. What can you learn about your gifts and personality through your Midheaven and your likes? What can you learn about what you should do career-wise through astrology?

If you feel like you have a calling towards a particular career, you have found what you will be doing! If nothing comes to your mind, you can look a bit deeper. Evaluate your options, and think about the activities you have enjoyed in your life.

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