Do & Don't for this Intense New Moon in Scorpio!

Do & Don't for this Intense New Moon in Scorpio!

This is a true ‘Witch’s Moon’!

Scorpio is the sign of transformation, magic and power, and doing a ritual over this time can yield wonderful results (if you are a Cosmic Circle member, our exclusive New Moon in Scorpio Ritual is already available to you!). Plus, the electric energy of Uranus is infusing this New Moon with change and excitement – so be careful of what you ask for! Things might not turn out exactly the way that you intended them to. 


  • Withdraw. This really isn’t a social period, so don’t force yourself to be with other people. Run a bath, hold your crystals, chant, meditate, do some astrology – just be with you. 
  • Allow any intense feelings to flow. Don’t hold on - holding on will only create more suffering. This New Moon can be cathartic for you. 


  • Neglect to do a ritual. The energy at this New Moon is ideal for powerful manifestation, and offer you a chance to really step into your power. Channel this energy and use it wisely to bring your desires to life. 
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