Do & Don't For This New Moon Solar Eclipse!

Do & Don't For This New Moon Solar Eclipse!

Usually a time of transformative change, Eclipse Season can be a bumpy ride!

If you have any planets around 12 degrees (Sagittarius, Pisces, Virgo or Gemini), then be prepared for major changes! For the rest of us, it’s a good time to rest and recharge.

Let’s see what else we can do with this energy: 



  • Take it easy. Go for a swim, run a bath or walk in nature. Eclipses are notoriously exhausting, and this one can be a little confusing. Clear your head and listen for signs


  • Do any major manifestation rituals. A small ritual, just like the one we’ve designed to our exclusive club, is great! But with Eclipses signifying karmic doorways being flung open, the cosmic energy can get a little unmanageable and wild
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