Do’s & Don’ts for Mercury Retrograde in Taurus, From An Astrologer

Do’s & Don’ts for Mercury Retrograde in Taurus, From An Astrologer

Okay, Astro-nerds, we know that Mercury retrograde periods are times when the topics ruled by Mercury go, well, upside down. Mercury rules communication, travel, technology and small details. Yet, what we may not always realize is that this is a necessary time of slowing down, reviewing, reflecting and rehashing. In our society, we’re always so ‘go-go-go’, that we seldom take a moment to pump the brakes. That’s what Mercury’s here to help us do, especially in the patient sign of methodical Taurus. So, instead of becoming frustrated, how can we actually embrace these three weeks? How can we make this work for us, instead of against us? How can we tap into the flow of this transit? 

Mercury will be retrograde in the three earth signs his year – Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. Earth rules the physical and material world – our money, work, home and even our bodies. These are the topics that are most important to reflect on. Things may go wrong here, for sure, but they’re going wrong for a good reason. They’re jumping up and down and asking for our attention, not our anger. So, if money is delayed, or building plans are paused, this is a golden opportunity to really think about what we need to restructure. Maybe this is a simple lesson in patience, too. 

Mercury retrograde in Taurus will highlight the topics of security for us, whether that’s in our love life, finances or living situation. As urgent as the need might be to gain grounding in these areas, we might need to let go and surrender a little. To trust in the prices that’s unfolding for us. Fortunately, Mercury doesn’t make any nasty aspects during his time in backwards motion. In fact, he’ll be casting two sextile aspects – one to Venus and one to Mars, both in the nurturing sign of Cancer. Perhaps this is a sign from the Universe that we need to relax into the being-ness of our bodies. To nourish ourselves. Cooking a delicious meal, cozying up at home and watching reruns of our favorite shows may be exactly what the doctor ordered.

Keep in mind!

Mercury is retrograde during an intense Eclipse Season. We’re smack bang in the middle of two major Eclipses this week. We may feel very discombobulated and find it tough to make up our minds about much at the moment. In some ways, we’re lucky, because Eclipses tend to make up our minds for us. They give and take away certain things in our lives without much warning. Thus, it’s actually more important than ever not to make any major decisions right now, especially when it comes to the material aspects. If we can, we need to hold back and let everyone know that we need a moment to calibrate. Especially leading up to the Lunar Eclipse next week (which we will obviously talk about then!).

So, what tools can we use to guide us through this potentially wobbly time?

Well, anything somatic is a good start. What does that mean? Somatic is the physical body. Thus, it’s all about massage, yoga, walking, grounding, gardening, cooking, touching and getting in touch with sensation. Although Mercury is a mental planet, Taurus is an embodied sign. Our minds need to stop with the analytical and become more focused on the physical. It’s also going to be important to notice where we may have become ‘stuck’ in our thinking. Where we may be a little inflexible, so to speak.

Taurus is a ‘fixed’ sign, which means that it can be, well, stubborn, to put it bluntly. Where are you being stubborn? Where could you be refusing to change your thinking? Its’ never nice to admit that we may be the ones in the wrong, but this is where growth happens. This is maturing. If we notice that others may be guilty of refusing to budge, let’s call them out – gently. After all, Taurus is the peace-loving sign of the zodiac, and just doesn’t do drama. Let’s work with that energy and focus on creating a deeper harmony during this Mercury retrograde season.


  Take your absolute, sweet time when making your mind up about important material things. There’s really no need to rush. The only pressure is the pressure that you put on yourself.

 Focus on creating peace and pleasure for yourself and your relationships. No drama. No war. Got it? Good.

 Focus on what brings you physical pleasure. Is that a good, nourishing, wholesome meal? A walk in the forest? A massage? Pick at least one thing to indulge yourself in over these next couple of weeks.

 Budget. Be careful with your money. Don’t splurge. There may a couple of unexpected surprises coming your way, and you want to be prepared.

 Create beauty in your everyday environment. It’ll soothe your soul when things get tough. 


  Stonewall. What does that mean? Well, according to the Gottman institute, it’s one of the ‘Four Deadly Horsemen’ when it comes to love and relationships. It’s when we shut someone out and refuse to communicate with them. Taurus is usually quite a reticent sign, so let’s not indulge that. Let’s try and open up, even if that feels clumsy.

 Let stubbornness take over. As much as you can, try to be adaptable and open in your thinking.

 Forget to apologize. You don’t have to do it right away. But, get ready. 

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