Do’s & Don’ts’s for the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries

Do’s & Don’ts’s for the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries

Well, hello there, Eclipse Season. It’s been a while since we’ve seen you! Our last Eclipse period was during October and November of 2022, so we’ve had a good, 6-month respite. With the New Moon Solar Eclipse on April 19 we’ll be, once again, thrown into chaos and accelerated change. 

Why chaos? Well, we need to know a little of the background of Eclipses and why they’re seen as harbingers of major events. Since the dawn of time, Astrologers have been tracking the movement of the planets and their effect on earth. Over the years, they noticed that Eclipses tend to repeat themselves every 18 -19 years or so. This is known as the “Saros Cycle”. Thus, it becomes easier to understand how these Eclipses will pan out. 

This particular Eclipse has connotations with romance, sensuality, passion and drive. Not surprising, when we consider the fiery energies of Aries, the sign of this New Moon Eclipse! Eclipse also has a slightly darker symbolism. You see, the idea is that consciousness is light. Unconsciousness is dark (in very simplistic terms!). Eclipses block out the light of one or both of the Luminaries – either the Sun or the Moon. Thus, we are plunged into the murky depths of unconsciousness, where all sorts of karmic doorways get opened. 


This is often why we end up feeling as if our unhealed wounds come flooding back to haunt us, and why is important to rest detox and therapize during any Eclipse. This is not the time to whip out a ritual or attempt magic. The energy is far too chaotic and wild for that and we risk burn out. Instead, find water. Take a bath, have a swim or paddle in a river. Cleansing is very important during Eclipse Season. 

What else makes this Aries Eclipse interesting is the fact that it occurs at 29 degrees of the sign. 29 degrees is known as the ‘critical’ degree, meaning that things change extremely quickly when any planet lands here. Thus, there’s a rush of urgency during this Eclipse, and we have to be ready to turn around at a moment’s notice and head in a new direction. This won’t be easy for the less flexible signs (Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius and Leo). But, at the end of the day, the only constant is change, right? 

Connected to this Eclipse is Jupiter, planet of growth, abundance and good fortune. This can help to mitigate some of the harsher effects of this New Moon, and actually bring in some very exciting, needed change. So, even though Eclipse Season can be a little dark, this one may be easier than we think. In Aries, we need to seed out intentions around topics such as: independence, leadership, pioneering, initiative, adventure and career goals. 

Of course, this Eclipse will affect those with their “Big Three” (Sun, Moon and Rising signs) in Aries the most, particularly if these lie between 27 and 29 degrees of the sign. Runners up are Libra, Capricorn and Cancer in more or less that order. 


The ruler of this Eclipse also has to be considered. This would be Mars, the planet of War and Drive. In Cancer, there’s some focus on home, where we belong and on family. Maybe the initiatives we seed have something to do with these topics. We do need to be mindful of not become resentful of our needs aren’t being taken care of. It’s up to us to speak up and say something when the need calls for it. 

So, with this all-in mind, let’s explore the Do’s and Don’ts’s of how we can harness the power of this cosmic energy: 


• Take the initiative. Even if it feels terrifying, take it. Aries is a sign that can lend us all some courage and help us to move forward with a brave face, even if we are shaking on the inside. 

 Understand that there is a certain level of urgency to this New Moon. Last-minute shifts are on the cards, and we’ll need to keep up with the fast pace. 
Rest whenever we can. Sleep more, have a long bath or otherwise lie down and let everything sink in. You’ll need it, what the speed of this lunation. 

• Think about what needs to change in your home or family situation. Take the steps that you need to get there, and don’t forget to communicate your needs. 


     Rush in where angels fear to tread. Jupiter energy is huge and the impulse to rush in without caution is tempting. We are likely to be rewarded for our risk-taking, but at the same time, let’s practice some mindfulness first. 

     Be inflexible. Things are changing, and changing fast. We need to keep up, not slow down and get stuck. 

     Hold others accountable if you’re not speaking up. It’s not their job to caretake you, it’s yours. (As hrd as that is to hear!). Resentfulness is a poison that builds. 

      Margarita Celeste 
        A passionate, practicing Astrology Teacher and Consultant
        living in sunny Cape Town, South Africa. She has a special
       interest in Jungian based, Psychological Astrology, which emphasizes self-knowledge and individual growth. 
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