Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark – Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio

Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark – Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio

By Margarita Celeste

Can you feel it? Communication going awry, intense conversations happening…? Kind of like everything you do and say is being misunderstood?

Yep, that’s Mercury Retrograde for you. By now, most of you know what this planetary period is all about – and if you don’t, well, in a nutshell, it’s when the planet of communication appears to move backwards due to slowing down in his orbit, a bit like when you’re in a car, and the car next to you slows down and it looks like it’s going backwards.

It can be quite a trip.

This year, it’s been havening in all the water signs (think, emotional and feely) and this is the last one in the deep, intense sign of Scorpio. But also, in Libra. Yes, both signs.


Well, from 13 October until 3 November, Mercury turns on his heel and marches back from Scorpio into Libra, which can give you some whiplash. One moment, you’re getting all deep and profound, and the next, light and fluffy. And it’s all got to do with love.


So, What’s It Gonna Be Like?

Did you know that Scorpio and Libra are the love signs? No? Well, maybe you knew Libra was. But Scorpio is even more so, in some ways. Libra is the courtship, the sweetness, the “fluff”, the people-pleasing compromiser.

Scorpio is when things get real. When we share all of our dirty little secrets, and pray that we won’t be judged. It’s when we show we have issues of power and/or control. That we have trauma.

So yes, This Mercury Retrograde is a bit messy, and bit intense. It also occurs during a Mars Retrograde, which is the traditional ruler of Scorpio. So, um, watch it. Watch that the famous Scorpio sting doesn’t have you slinging words around like an old school cowboy with his trusty revolver.

Words hurt, and they can’t be taken back.


What Should You Avoid?

So, what should you avoid?? Well, besides the obvious like don’t buy a car, don’t sign contracts (you know all that, right?) , here’s what to shut down whilst Mercury travels through this intense, deep sign:

  • Obsessing and brooding ever something you just can’t change. Sometimes, you have to let go, and even if it’s hard, it’s for the best. Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio will teach you all this and more.
  • Trying to control someone else’s speech. You may think you know better, but maybe you don’t. maybe you need to listen a little closer, without trying to gain the upper hand. Are you doing it again? Catch yourself!
  • Switching from being real and authentic to shallow and fickle. Its easy to do that ever this Mercury Retrograde, as the signs change from Scorpio in Libra and back again. Although it can be a much-needed breather from all the intensity.
  • The usual – don’t sign anything if you don’t have to, don’t make major decisions, don’t buy a car and so forth.
  • Don’t make any major decisions about a relationship, as it’s possibly to get caught up in a lot of drama over this particular Mercury Retrograde.
  • Look at all the ways you deal with the concept of power in your life. Are you comfortable with power? Are there power struggles going on in your life? How can you empower yourself, without needing to take it from anyone else?


Most Importantly, What Will You Learn?  

Astrology is something that you can always, always use to learn and reflect. It never causes anything. Astrology simply shows what’s already going on inside of us and in the world.

It’s a tool for learning and growth – as well as insight.

So, what could we have learned from this particular Mercury Retrograde?

  • Scorpio teaches you to go deep, to look at what the trauma really is, what the roots are, and to really heal. Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio offers us all a chance to transform from the ground up!
  • If you can go to therapy, it’ll be a huge learning curve. Book a session or three, and be amazed at what comes up and how easy it is to reveal your deepest and darkest.
  • You’ll learn about love and relationships. How to find balance a compromise, as well as how to face really deal with your beloved, with your friends with your family.
  • You’ll learn what’s a healthy obsession – and what’s not. You’ll be surprised at what crawls out of the woodwork of your mind, and it’ll be a time that you can gain some control over what goes on inside your head!


Wrapping Up

In conclusion, this Mercury Retrograde can be more intense than most. It’s in a water sign, and it’s more about what you feel rather than what you hear. Confusing, right? Not really. It’s about listening to your gut, your heart, your inner knowing.

It’s about not taking what people say seriously. It’s about true perception, about sharing secrets and unpacking trauma. Scorpio wants to really know. We are not going to be satisfied with a throwaway answer. We need to know why.

Hence, this Mercury in Scorpio Retrograde season will feel like a delve into our past and our subconscious. Sometimes, it can be scary there, and our dreams may be more interesting – and weird. We need not to be scared of monsters, but to simply realis that they want to communicate something to us, something important.

Let’s stay open to the messages. Afar all, Mercury Retrograde is but a chance to reflect, renew, review. It’s time to go in, rather than out, and if that means a few lopsided conversations and twisted wires, that’s okay. We can’t be “go, go, go” all the time! That’s what Mercury wants of us – to slow down and think, to rest before communicating.

Let this be a time of transformation - in ourselves, our relationship, and everywhere else in our lives.

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