Do's & Don't's For Pisces Season 2023, From An Astrologer

Do's & Don't's For Pisces Season 2023, From An Astrologer

It’s a whole new season as the mighty Sun enters sweet Pisces! For this next month, themes include closure, ending surrender, letting go, spirituality, compassion and healthy escapes.

This is the last sign of the zodiac, and thus, we’re urged to make room for the new beginnings that will come when the Sun enters Aries.

Here’s your mini-guide on do’s and don’ts for Pisces Season:




  • ✔ Leave the realms of the mind and dive into the realms of spirit and soul. Pray, meditate, dance, do yoga, sing. ‘Go with the flow’ is the adage of Pisces Season. 

  • ✔ Find unconditional love and compassion for someone who truly needs it – even if it’s hard for you to do. Forgiveness doesn’t mean condoning their actions. It just means letting go so that you can move forward. 



  • ✖ Be too wishy-washy. Stand true to your integrity, show that you can commit. But pick those commitments wisely. 

  • ✖ Sacrifice yourself to the point where you don’t matter anymore, and everyone else does. Know where to draw that all-important boundary.



Margarita Celeste 

  A passionate, practicing Astrology Teacher and Consultant
  living in sunny Cape Town, South Africa. She has a special
 interest in Jungian based, Psychological Astrology, which emphasizes self-knowledge and individual growth. 
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