Eclipse Musings: the Dark Moon

Eclipse Musings: the Dark Moon

by: Daisy Clementine

The dark moon has been upon us for the past 24 hours. Bringing with it the true flavour of death, darkness and osmosis. And as the Sun eclipses at 1:15 Perth/Bali time... we are reborn into a fresh lunar cycle with the New Moon in Capricorn.

Maybe you’ve been exploring nostalgic moments, memories, music... old memories surfacing from the subconscious - and it is okay! Go into them. Explore them. But only with the intention of recognising how far you’ve already come. The space between then and now. Understanding that although the body might have a conditioned trauma response to the past - that doesn’t have to be the reality of your present. You are okay. You are safe. You are home.

Eclipse 2019

 Rewire these   connections to the   past. Allow what   needs  to surface to   arise - so that when   the   eclipse occurs and   the suns protective   layer   around the earth   energetically thins.. we   are able   to consciously   release and let go of   that which no   longer   serves us.

 Then, heralding in the   powerful energy of the   new   moon and   expansive Jupiter,   delicately choose   how   you may rebuild & start   anew. What will   these   new foundations look, smell, feel and taste   like?   How can you be your own authority and set   your own standards/rules.

And a message to myself but reflection for you - how can you be the best person you can be in this and every moment? And fuck what everybody else thinks... 🙃


Eclipse Shadow Path - Where will the Annular Solar Eclipse be visible: 

Eclipse Times on the 25th of December, 2019

Los Angeles: 21:13 

CDMX: 23:13 

Eclipse Times on the 26th of December, 2019

Miami: 00:13

Caracas: 01:13

Buenos Aires: 02:13

Bogota: 00:13

Quito: 00:13


London: 05:13

Madrid: 06:13

Montevideo: 02:13

Chile: 02:13

Sydney: 16:13



About Daisy Clementine: 

Daisy practices evolutionary astrology - which uncovers the soul's lessons and evolution through the birth chart - including the unresolved karmic pattern you were born with, and how you may still be living out this habitual ‘shadow’ side. 

Daisy was self-taught for a few years before enrolling at the Sydney Astrology School in 2016, who certified her as a practising astrologer after 4 levels and 3 years of in-depth study.

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