Eclipses – What’s the Big Deal?

Eclipses – What’s the Big Deal?

By Margarita Celeste



If you’re an Astrology buff, the chances are high that you’ve probably come across a lot of Eclipse talk! They always seem to have the same kind of line: “Big shifts are coming”, “Time to transform” or “Get ready for change!”.

These kinds of headlines are true, to some degree or another. Eclipses are big, and they do bring about transformation and shifts. They are just as dramatic as they say, and they are often associated with some kind of crisis and growth.


What Are Eclipses, Actually?

For those among us that are a little in the dark so to speak, about what an Eclipse actually is, here’s how they work:

A Lunar Eclipse is a Full Moon, with a twist. Instead of a regular Full Moon, it’s one in which the Erath passes exactly between the opposition between the Moon and the Sun which is what causes the darkness. This usually happens at night.

A Solar Eclipse is a New Moon with a twist. The Earth, Moon and Sun are in a neat line, effectively blocking out the view of the Sun, and happens in the daytime.

We all know by now that Full Moons are about releasing, and New Moons are about manifesting, right? So, when we have these Eclipses, it’s a super-charged time for this work, and any “magic” we do has more power behind it. So, we have to tread carefully!

Because of this, Eclipses also are time where we release big things and bring in similarly big things.

Eclipses don’t play small.


They Have a Regular Cycle

Ancient astrologers have observed, noted and recorded that Eclipses have a 19-year, regular cycle. That means that the same “family” of eclipses in certain constellations repeat themselves every 2 decades. Tright now, they’re going from the signs of Cancer/Capricorn into the Gemini/Sagittarius axis (we always read Eclipses in the pairs of signs opposite to each other).

Because of this, Astrologers have been able to accurately do predictions as to what that Eclipse say trigger or reflect here on earth.

Pretty neat, right?

For example, the focus in the world for the last few years has been on security – professional and personal. Now, the focus is moving to knowledge and beliefs.


They’re Not Sunshine & Rainbows

Here’s the real deal: Eclipses are not, generally speaking, sunshine and rainbows.

The idea in Astrology is that Light = Consciousness, and Dark = Unconsciousness. And, as we have all observed, during an Eclipse, the Light “goes out”.

Because of this, there’s opportunity for darkness to flood in and temporality render us in a very unaware state, in which past traumas may come up to whack us over the head.

Eclipses also tend to reflect difficult events on reach such as political upheaval, disease (COVID-19 was one of the diseases kicked off by an Eclipse), riots, natural disasters and violence.

Earth goes into a dark state, and thus, “dark” events occur.

Are all Eclipses so bad? Not at all. There are a few families of Eclipses that can herald good things, of course. But generally speaking, they’re pretty tricky.

In India, and may other eastern places, Eclipses are a time of evil where most stay indoors and do rituals to avert disaster.


They Open Karmic Doorways

Because this darkness falls over the earth and blocks out the lights of the moon or Sun, the idea around Eclipses is that they open Karmic doorways – both collectively as well as personally.

And, let’s face it – Karma is not always easy to deal with.

We can have good and bad karma, and Eclipses show us the results of our past actions, for better or for worse! Much of the time, the energy that comes through can be tough, and it can feel as if the “stuff” we though we resolved, rears its head again.

It can be a little disconcerting.

But, if we are doing the conscious work, the Eclipses simply offer opportunities to look at old things in a new light and see what needs fixing, loving and tending to.

This is the same for Earth - when Eclipses reflect difficult events on the planet, its’ a chance to see where we may be going wrong, and heal the planet.


How Do They Affect You, Personally?

Some Eclipses do have a personal effect on us – and some don’t even touch us or our lives.

How do we know when an Eclipse is going to trigger changes for us/ And what sorts of changes can we expect?

Well, firstly, the types of shifts that Eclipses trigger are often big ones – from moving across countries, to marriages, having children, starting a business and so on. These are the positive events – but also stressful, of course.

The tougher events can be illness, divorce, breakups, losing a job or in some cases, loss of someone in our lives.

Solar Eclipses can be thought of as “more positive” and Lunar Eclipses as more  negative/challenging”. However, they’re all opportunities to grow and evolve – remember that!

An Eclipse is only really important for you if it hits, within 2 degrees, your Ascendant (Rising Sign), Moon or Sun.

For example, if you’ve had big events in your life between 2018 and 2020, the chances are good that the Eclipses were on your “big three” – specifically, if you have planets in the signs of Cancer or Capricorn, where the Eclipses have been happening.

Next up, those with their big three in Gemini and Sagittarius, will start to feel the shifts.  

It’s as simple as that!


What Can We Learn from Them?

So, what can we learn from Eclipses? Should we hide away in fear?

Of course not.

We can be more conscious of what comes up, and actively work to release or create more of what is aligned to us.

We can rest more – we often feel drained and tired over an Eclipse.

Taking a swim always helps over an Eclipse (or a bath).

Doing active self-work and self-compassion is highly effective over an Eclipse.

But more of all, we can use this as an opportunity to grow, evolve and transform. Just as the articles always say!

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