5 Steps on How to Exude Positive Energy Into Your Talisman

Superstition and magical thinking may appear absurd. They're the kinds of things that entice the gullible and the impressionable. Surprisingly, the irrational has a greater impact on the minds than many people realize.

During a talk at a science fair, psychology professor Bruce Hood proved the power of superstition. Hood dared the crowd to try on a blue jacket in exchange for ten pounds sterling. Several volunteers consented to the suggestion, but Hood informed them that the jacket belonged to serial killer Fred West before they could try it on.

With this information, the majority of the volunteers refused to participate. They were confronted with an apotropaic act, an innate rejection of the "ominous," and a feeling of unease that underpins superstition. This can happen to even the most sensible people. 

Interestingly, the experiment came to a close when Hood informed the volunteers that the jacket didn't belong to any serial killer, demonstrating how minds shape perceptions of everyday objects.

Objects inherited from parents, grandparents, or those at historical events generally hold a lot of psychic energy and their "sentimental value." It is unnecessary to explain these in scientific terms to grasp their significance. Consider relics and crucifixes from the Catholic faith.

Using the same concepts, you can make astrology jewelry such as amulets and talismans to meet your own needs, beliefs, and skepticism and employ everyday objects as allies during stressful times.

Talismans (from the Arabic tilasim or the Greek telesma, which means "initiation") are physical items made of mineral, vegetable, or animal matter traditionally employed to carry a charged intent. Like pentagrams, rosaries, or amulets, quartz or precious stones are associated with astrological signs, rabbits' feet, and four-leaf clovers for good luck. 

Here are some suggestions for putting positive energy into your amulet or lunar talisman. 

Choose a Physical Base

A stone that matches one's astrological sign or any stone with a specific meaning can be chosen. It doesn't matter if it's a valuable item or a trinket, as long as one can connect with it by its presence, weight, scent, and touch, and with a specific aim (e.g., dice are suggested amulets for gamblers).

Send Out Pleasant Vibes

For a week, use this physical platform to meditate or pray for a few minutes each day. Imagine that if you believe in a god, angel, saint, protector, or spirit, their energy envelops this physical foundation, whatever it may be. The unconscious is being told that the physical basis, or amulet, is linked to the invisible through this intention. In other words, the object is the tangible manifestation of a wish, desire, or happy emotion (luck, health, love, etc.).


Amulets can be compared to electric batteries, such as those used in cell phones. These are recharged and depleted regularly. It's important to keep the amulet close to you during happy times and turn away from it when you're upset at first. Visualizing the amulet "absorbing" your intentions will help to strengthen this.

Consecration to the Natural World

Many schools of magic will advise that the substance be "sealed" using one of the four elements: earth, water, air, or fire, depending on the material chosen. Follow your instincts rather than following any specific ceremony. The chosen element will only serve to consecrate the bond between you and your amulet (immediately, as with baptism, a water seal).


An amulet or astrology talisman can remind you of something significant or utilized in difficult situations or when you need a luck boost. As previously stated, amulets or talismans are energy batteries, and their efficacy will deteriorate with time. You can also use natural phenomena like rain, eclipses, or sunrise to re-energize some stones or talismans, but again, trust your instincts.


The current belief around talismans is that you can ward off evil or bad luck by carrying one around. This concept is based on the history of talismans, which were traditionally worn for protection, especially in religious areas. Most talismans have a spell to achieve a certain effect or aim. 

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