Fashion Trends to Try Out According to Your Astrology Sign

Fashion Trends to Try Out According to Your Astrology Sign

Your personal astrological sign and birth chart can give you insight into your luck for the day and what your personality is like. Being able to express who you are and what your sign is in various means can be quite fun, and fashion is one of the best ways to do so.

Going a bit subtler by trying out coordinating fashion trends, a simple necklace and a great bracelet can be a much better way to do so. Here’s what you should try to incorporate into your wardrobe and wear outside according to your astrology sign:

Aquarius: Vintage

An Aquarius can rock that casual but vintage look, creating their own style from certain clothes. Even just a simple mini-dress can be elevated with an Aquarius’ amazing creativity. Trust in them to put together a classical yet contemporary-looking outfit.

Pisces: Silhouette

Pisces always look good in blue, green, and just about any natural-looking color since it resonates with their personality. As for the style, they can benefit from trying out silhouette dresses and accompanying jewelry for that simple yet stunning appearance.

Aries: Colorful

An Aries will vie to have it all, and the same goes with fashion. Colorful tops and rompers will be a great addition to your closet, especially mixed warmer tones such as reds and oranges that compliment your fiery personality best.

Taurus : Patterns

Taurus has always been classy, but isn’t afraid to step out of their comfort zone. Patterns might seem a little out there as a fashion trend, but it’s perfect for any Taurus. The right fabric and accessories will keep you as confident as ever.

Gemini : Neon

Most Geminis are like a ray of sunshine, often extroverted and inquisitive. Experiment with your clothes by adding sprinkles of neon colors that are as bright as your personality, even when the summer passes.

Cancer : Sustainable Fashion

Being the most loyal and principled signs, Cancers should definitely indulge in sustainable fashion a little more. Find more environmentally-friendly clothes that will continue to look good on you for years to come.

Leo : Haute Couture

Leos may have a reputation for competing with Aries in becoming the center of attention, which is probably why they will surely rock haute couture. It’s not bad to be a little extra with some custom-fitted clothes, so don’t be ashamed to strut your stuff.

Virgo : Floral

Virgos are considered pragmatic more than anything, but stepping away from that rhetoric by just having some beautiful floral prints can be good. It retains that demure factor while showing that you’re fun and fine with the opposite of all work, no play once in a while.

Libra : Asymmetry

Although Libra is characterized by a balanced weighing scale, having a bit of fun with your fashion by trying asymmetry fashion is definitely up their alley. There’s a certain charm to your personality, and the same goes for clothes under this fashion trend.

Scorpio : Monochrome Black

Scorpios love getting a little sultry and gothic with their clothing, especially since they are rather tough and passionate. Monochrome black clothing and boots can be one of the best ways to exude that cutthroat energy, accentuated only by silver jewelry.

Sagittarius : Oversized Clothes

Comfort needs to come first for a Sagittarius, partially for the sweater paws but also for the simplicity of it. There’s enough discernment going over everything else, so just a simple oversized shirt or a baggy hoodie would be enough.

Capricorn : Monochrome White

Capricorns are focused and determined with work, so getting white linen suits and dresses is one of the best ways to show that you aren’t backing down from anything. Plus, with good accessories, you’ll seem more put together.


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These fashion trends are a great alternative to just getting a print of your own astrology sign on a tee. With the right jewelry and clothes, you’ll be the best version of yourself and emulate your astrological sign’s energy.
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