Full Moon in Aquarius & Your Horoscope | 31  July  - 6 August 2023

Full Moon in Aquarius & Your Horoscope | 31 July - 6 August 2023

It’s a Full Moon week, so buckle up and get ready for some shifts. Unfolding in brilliant, freedom-seeking and unique Aquarius, this Full Moon has its roots in the New Moon of January this year. Take a pause and think about what could have been kicked off for you back then? Saturn, the ancient and traditional ruler of Aquarius, was still in that sign, making that particular lunation rather memorable. It was also the ideal time to kick off a new path, seeing as it happened so early in the year. 

For most of us, the early part of 2023 wasn’t exactly easy, to say the least. Thus, if you missed setting an intention with the New Moon, don’t fret. Just take a minute to notice what in your world is coming to a climax right now, at this moment.  Maybe there’s a theme of friendship, for example, that’s prevalent. Maybe you're letting go of one, or experiencing the fruits of investing your time and energy into a particular community. Maybe you’re reworking what your idea of freedom means to you. 


The thing is, with Full Moons, there’s always this sense of balance that needs to be achieved. With the Sun in individualistic Leo, and the Moon in collectively-focussed Aquarius, it’s all about exploring the middle ground between ‘me’ and ‘we’. Think about what you need to balance in your own life when it comes to following your heart and passion (Leo) versus what you have to structure for your future goals in order to belong. Flip-flopping at Full Moons is par for the course. Yet, it’s not altogether healthy. We must find equilibrium. Belonging is equally as important as being a unique, authentic being. 


Now, let’s take a look on individuals insights into what the stars have in store for each sign during 31  July  - 6 August 2023:



This week’s Full Moon has a Mars-Jupiter trine in it. Seeing as Mars is your ruler, this is important for you. Unfolding in your financial flow and workaday sectors. it’s all about bringing your best to everything you do, in order to gain the rewards that you want. You have every single resource you need at your fingertips. Don’t allow a single smidgeon of your talents to go to waste, you hear? Not that you would, but it’s always good to have a reminder. 



Be careful. What starts off as confidence this week may end up in you juggling way more than you anticipated. Maybe there’s someone who you’re dying to help out - and you seem to have the experience needed to be the perfect person for the job. Yet, there has to be a line. Maybe that line is with family. Besides, you seem to have some serious career culminations to look forward to - and you’ll be needing all your energy for that. 



One of the most outstanding qualities about your sign is how much you adore the pursuit of knowledge. There’s nothing you can’t, or won't, learn. This week’s Full Moon in your fellow air sign of Aquarius shows just how far you've come on this path. Maybe you’re qualifying at something at long last. Or, maybe you’re realizing just how capable you truly are of teaching, leading or coaching. Maybe this involves letting go of a couple of beliefs that have only held you back. You go, you. 



Because you’re ruled by the Moon, Full Moons are usually big cosmic events for you. More than most, you tend to see major changes and shifts in your life. This particular Full Moon is one in which your material world is most highlighted, and it's possible that you have to make an important decision around now. You need to consider what the future looks like, weighed up against what you feel most passionately drawn to. It’s not an easy decision, but the planets are arranged in such a way that you’ll make the right one. Trust yourself. 


LEO ♌︎

Although the Moon isn’t in your sign during this Full Moon, the Sun is. Plus, this is also your ruling planet. And so, this lunation may pack more of a punch than you first anticipated. Relationships, in particular, seem to be a major theme for you. It’s possible that you’re letting go of a particular connection or maybe even taking it to the next level. Try not to get overly serious about it, yet stay on the side of realism. This is particularly true if finances are involved.


The biggest cosmic news for you this week is the alignment of Jupiter to Mars, who happens to be in your sign at the moment. This is a cosmic kick in the you-know-what, in the very best way possible. You seem to have mountains of energy, passion and a positive can-do attitude that will put you miles ahead of the pack - whether in work or play. It’s almost as if you're taking all your wisdom, all your experience and packaging it up into one nice, neat little plan of action. Phew!



Aquarius is one of your relationship signs, Meaning, it’s in charge of one of the areas of your natal chart connected to romance, dating, pleasure and so forth. This means that a certain connection may reach its culmination point, and a decision needs to be made. Oh dear. You don’t much like those, now do you? Nevertheless, rather take control and assess the discussion than letting someone else do it. Sure, you can take their advice, But at the end of the day, you have to follow your own inner north star. Balance is possible. 



So much going on. In such a short time, too. Where do we even start? Well, the Aquarius Full Moon would be a good kicking off point. Unfolding in your sector related to home, foundation, roots and family, it seems like there are certain choices and climaxes happening here. Maybe you're deciding to finally shift. Or maybe it's your moment to set yourself free. Make sure to balance your inner efforts with whatever’s going on in the outer world for you. 



Your ruler, Jupiter, is nicely angled to Mars this week. Emphasizing your career and daily work sectors, there’s a sense of things finally coming together. You normally have an enormous amount of energy to give, and this alignment simply enhances and increases your output, productivity and ability to handle whatever’s coming at you. Just be careful that you’re not getting too ahead of yourself. You do have limits, you know. Even if it doesn't feel like it. 



The earthy trine aspect between Jupiter and Mars this week works ever so well for you. Combining creativity, passion and experience will do wonders for your confidence, not to mention light a fire beneath you. Romantic relationships seem to also be full of exciting possibilities and limitless growth. As for finances, well, it seems as if you have to decide here what’s more important to you - independence or interdependence. Maybe a little of both? This doesn't need to be an ‘either, or’ situation. 



Well, hello there Full Moon - in your very own sign too! This is a big deal. Savor it. Put yourself first. Relationships second. What does your head say? And your heart? How can you make them meet in the middle? Can you please others and yourself? Oh, yes you can. Independence can sometimes be a warning sign, so take note of that. Besides, you know how much you love to be a part of something bigger than you. Materially, you’re also being very well supported, so remember to appreciate that. 



You could get all swept up in enthusiasm this week, so much so that you  end up overloading your plate to an extent that’s just, well, unmanageable. Not to worry. You'll land on your feet. But do try not to overbook yourself, okay? Promise? It seems you may also have a couple of endings to contend with and some cords to cut. Go right ahead. At the same time, remember to structure constructive work with constructive rest. Got all of that? Good. 



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