Full Moon in Aries Ritual

Full Moon in Aries Ritual

A fairly intense Full Moon in Aries lights up the skies on October 9th. This one is all about our relationships, both with ourselves and with others. It offers a rare opportunity to heal, but with that, comes the wound. For without the wound, how would we know what to fix? 

Thus, our Full Moon ritual is centered around healing – particularly around releasing and letting go of projections as well as recognizing what these may be. Let’s get started: 

The Ritual
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Here’s what you’ll need for this ritual: 

      • A large mirror, one that you can see your whole face in 
      • Red and pink candles surrounding the mirror
      • A pen and paper
      • A fireproof container
      • Photographs of yourself and a partner or an ex-partner 
      • Incense and music, as always

Step One: 

It’s a good idea to do this ritual where the Moon’s light can filter in, so that you can access the full power and magic of this time. Set up your mirror on an altar or small table. Surround the mirrors with the candles, and light them. Place your photograph on the mirror where you can clearly see it. Light your incense, and get comfortable. Put some meditation music on. 

Step Two: 

As always, start with your breath and begin to calm your nervous system so you can open your heart and third eye during this ritual. Place your hands on your heart and take ten deep breaths in and out, counting to four for each inhale and exhale, and holding for four seconds between each breath. This is called ‘box breath’ and is perfect for bringing a calm state of mind. 

Step Three: 

Open your eyes and gaze into the mirror. Look deeply into your own eyes and notice what feelings are coming up for you. Notice if this could feel difficult for you. Take the time to really become present with yourself, with your emotions. 

Now, look at your photograph with you and your ex/current partner. Reflect on what that person may be projecting onto you. We all project, one way or the other. Even if it’s something small, like your partner saying that you’re always, for example, speaking about yourself, when in fact, it’s what they’re doing or are envious of. 

This will take some work and some time, so feel free to use your journal. To simplify the processes, pick only 1 – 3 things that someone has projected onto you, and 1 – 3 things you may have projected onto your partner or ex. 

Step Four: 

Now that you have a little list, gaze back into the mirror and read out, very clearly, the issues you wish your partner or ex to ‘take back’ and own. Read out the issues you’ve projected and need to take ownership of. 

This could look like:

‘With this Full Moon, I release (partner or ex’s name)’s projections onto me. I release (projection 1, 2 or 3) and request that they heal these in order for our relationship to be healthy. 


‘With this Full Moon, I own my projections of (projection 1, 2 or 3) and vow to take ownership of them through therapy, self-healing work and other empowering practices.’

Say this a few times, and for good measure, maybe you’d like to even burn the paper you’re written these projections down on so that it helps you symbolically let go and release. 

Step Five: 

Notice that there may be feelings of anger or fear, and perhaps even the urge to contact your partner or ex to discuss your findings. Don’t reach out just yet – things are still tender within you, so take a bit of time to assimilate this information. Write a letter if you need to let go of any urges or thoughts, and then come back to it in a few days and read through. If this still seems valid, arrange a good, calm time to communicate. 

Finish by shaking your body to relinquish any pent-up remaining feelings. 

  Margarita Celeste 

  A passionate, practicing Astrology Teacher and Consultant
  living in sunny Cape Town, South Africa. She has a special
 interest in Jungian based, Psychological Astrology, which emphasizes self-knowledge and individual growth. 
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