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Full Moon in Pisces Ritual

It’s a healing month, what with the Virgo New Moon in early September, followed by this beautiful and gentle Pisces Full Moon. This Full Moon happens right on the Spring Equinox, signifying new beginnings.

With the Moon being in Pisces, the theme is forgiveness. Once we forgive, we can let go, and this is the perfect time to do it. Using the ancient Hawaiian prayer of the Ho’oponopono, we’ll go through deep emotions to release any long-held grudges and free ourselves.

The Ritual

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • The Ho’oponopono Prayer
    • “I’m sorry, Please Forgive Me, thank you, I Love You”
  • A Picture of someone you’d like to forgive
  • A Picture of yourself
  • A bunch of fresh flowers
  • A large bowl of spring water
  • Candles
  • Incense
  • Meditation Music

Step One:

Create a soft and gentle space where you won’t be disturbed or bothered. Dim the lights down, and see if you can do this ritual where you can physically see the Full Moon. Being near water, such as a river or the ocean, can be very helpful, too as Pisces rules the sea and finds it healing.

Now think about someone you have struggled to forgive for something. It can be a family member, an ex or a professional relationship. When you think of them, to has to create strong feelings inside of you, such as rage, for example. That’s when you know you still harbor a grudge.

Next, think about something you have struggled to forgive yourself for. Again, this should create a strong emotional reaction in your body.

Step Two:

Set up a mini-altar by placing your pictures on it, surrounding the pictures with flowers, lighting your incense and putting on some soft, gentle meditation music on or any music that opens your heart.

Take a few deep breaths – 10 or so will help you feel grounded and present.

Step Three:

Now, take your paper with the Ho’oponopono prayer on it, and place it where you can see it. Place your hand on your heart and take a deep breath into this space. Focus on both photographs of the person you would like to forgive, and the photo of yourself.

Step Four:

First, repeat the prayer keeping your hands on your heart for the person who you hold a grudge against. Picture that they did wrong while you say the prayer and really breath into your heart space.

You may find that tears begin to fall as the hurt, grief and pain are released. Allow this to happen for as long as possible. Remember, it can take a while for the magic to happen, and if it doesn’t work. you may just not be ready – yet - to let go and perhaps should try another time, or with someone else first.

Next, take a short break by opening your eyes and splashing the top of your head and face with the cool spring water, which signifies cleansing and letting go.

Step Five:

Do exactly the same step as the one above for yourself. Picture your transgression in your mind as you pray and chant with your hands back on your heart. Allow yourself to feel the emotions that come up, and breath. You’ve got this.

Once you feel you’re done, splash your head and face, and take a few deep, grounding breaths. Thank yourself and this person for the lessons they brought, then blow your candles out and have a long bath to unwind. Try not to have any social plans, or to drink or escape into unhealthy habits. Instead, be with the feelings and be gentle and kind to yourself.

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