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September 23, 2021

It’s a healing month, what with the Virgo New Moon in early September, followed by thisbeautiful and gentle Pisces Full Moon. This Full Moon happens right on the Spring Equinox,signifying new beginnings.

With theMoon being in Pisces, the theme isforgiveness. Once we forgive, we can let go, and this is theperfect timeto do it. Using the ancientHawaiianprayer of theHo’oponopono, we’llgo through deepemotions to release any long-held grudges and free ourselves.

The Ritual

Here’s what you’llneed:

  • The Ho’oponoponoPrayer
    • “I’m sorry, Please Forgive Me,thank you, I Love You”
  • A Picture ofsomeone you’d liketo forgive
  • A Picture of yourself
  • A bunch of fresh flowers
  • A large bowl of spring water
  • Candles
  • Incense
  • Meditation Music

Step One:

Create a softand gentlespace whereyou won’t be disturbed or bothered. Dimthelights down, and see if you can do thisritual where you canphysically see the Full Moon. Being near water, suchas a river orthe ocean,can be very helpful, too as Piscesrules the sea and finds it healing.

Now thinkabout someone you have struggled to forgive forsomething. It can be a family member, an ex or a professional relationship. When you think of them,to hasto create strong feelings insideof you, such as rage, for example. That’s whenyou know you stillharbora grudge.

Next, think about something you have struggled toforgive yourself for. Again, thisshouldcreate a strongemotionalreaction inyour body.


Set up a mini-altar by placing your pictures on it, surrounding the pictures with flowers, lighting your incense and putting on somesoft, gentlemeditation musiconor any music thatopensyour heart.

Take a few deep breaths – 10 or so willhelp you feel grounded and present.


Now, take your paper with the Ho’oponoponoprayer on it, and place itwhere you can see it. Placeyour hand onyour heart and take a deep breathinto this space.Focus on bothphotographsof the person you would like to forgive, andthe photo of yourself.


First, repeattheprayerkeeping your hands onyourheart for the person whoyou hold a grudgeagainst. Picturethat they didwrong while you say the prayer and reallybreath into yourheart space.

You may find that tearsbegin to fall as thehurt,grief and pain are released. Allow this to happenforas long as possible. Remember, it cantakeawhile for themagic to happen, and ifit doesn’t work. you mayjustnot be ready – yet - to let go and perhapsshould try another time, or with someone else first.

Next, take ashort break by opening youreyesandsplashingthe top of yourhead and face with the cool spring water,whichsignifiescleansingand letting go.


Do exactly the same step as the one above for yourself.Pictureyourtransgression in your mind as you pray and chant withyour hands backonyour heart. Allow yourselfto feel the emotions that come up, and breath. You’ve got this.

Onceyou feel you’re done, splashyour head and face, and take a few deep,grounding breaths. Thank yourself and thisperson for thelessons they brought,thenblowyour candles out and have a long bath to unwind. Try notto have any social plans,or todrink orescape into unhealthy habits.Instead, be with thefeelings andbe gentle and kind to yourself.

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