Hear Me Roar: Mercury Enters Leo!

Hear Me Roar: Mercury Enters Leo!

By Margarita Celeste

On the 4th of August 2020, Mercury finally moves out of watery Cancer, where he’s made his home for absolutely forever, into fiery Leo! This is oh-so-exciting, especially for those of us who have felt, well, bogged down of late mentally.

Mercury in Leo gives us a time where we are uber-positive and looking on the bright side!

Um. Who’s Mercury exactly?

If you haven’t heard of Mercury yet, or you’re still a little unsure as to what this planet is all about, don’t worry – we’re here to help!

Mercury, in ancient times, was known as the “Messenger of the Gods”. He flew around on winged feet, carrying this or that message between the Titans. As such, his main quality is communication. He’s also associated with travel, learning writing, decisions, reading, thinking, reasoning and many other, cool topics.

And here’s sorting you may not have known – whichever sign Mercury enters; he takes on the qualities of. He’s, well, Mercurial like that. Changeable. Adaptable.

And Leo?

Some of you may already know that Leo is the sign of the lion. That, in itself, should tell you about what happens when Mercury move into this proud and royal sign!

Leo is a fire sign, and so the change from watery Cancer into fire is quite remarkable – our minds follow suit, and we are suddenly filled with inspiration!

Leo is also a fixed sign, which is consistent and, well, stubborn. In Cancer, Mercury was a little more adaptable, but in Leo, he gives no way! This is not a bad thing – sometimes we need to stand our ground! 

Do’s & Don’t for Mercury in Leo

Having a guide for Mercury in Leo is one of the best tools we can have at our disposal! After all, our reality is determined by our outlook, and that’s what Mercury is all about. Energy follows thought as they say, so what kind of energy will happen with Mercury in Leo?

Mercury in Leo van be bright and sunny, but also domineering and bossy. We can be creatively inspired as well as a little dramatic! Here are some Do’s and Don’ts over the next few weeks whilst this speedy planet moves through passionate Leo:


  • Express your opinion – loudly. This is not the time to shrink into a corner! Hear the Lion roar!
  • Get mentally creative. Join an acting class, sing a song. Whatever gets your voice heard!
  • Be confident in your decisions! Keep your self-doubt to the side and let yourself be courageous!


  • Avoid being overly dominating. You can roar, and still inspire others to follow you, rather than resent you!
  • Be too stubborn. Mental inflexibility can stop you from growing, you know!
  • Be overdramatic. Leo Mercury Season is a bit extra, but you can express this in healthy ways rather than getting destructive.

And if you know your birth chart or rising sign…Bonus!

Maybe you’re a super-astro-expert and know your Rising Sign. If you do, here’s some handy hints on what you’re going to be thinking about for the next couple of weeks:

Aries Rising
Ooh, Mercury is in your 5th house of romance and love, Aries. This is a time where you and someone special can have some fun and flirtation – as well as a creative period.

Taurus Rising
Mercury will be in your 4th house of home private life and family. Is it time to start thinking about redecoration, a new roommate or a different living situation?

Gemini Rising
Mercury is in your 3rd house of, well, communication! This is a great time to have “the talk” with someone in your life, and to express yourself and your ideas confidently.

Cancer Rising
Mercury enters your 2nd house of financial security. What important, big decisions need to happen over the next few weeks, Virgo? Don’t be afar do to indulge a bit.

Leo Rising
Mercury is in your 1st house of you! This is a time where you can shine brightly for your creative ideas, where people will be sitting up and taking notice of what you say!

Virgo Rising
Mercury will be in your 12th house of secrets and seclusion.  This is a time where you get to withdraw. Work on your mental health and try to incorporate regular meditation into your life.

Libra Rising
Mercury will be in your 11th house of friendship, goals and community. This is a time where you can be the team leader for a change,! What do you want to achieve in the future?

Scorpio Rising
Mercury comes into your 10th house of career and vocation. This can be a great time to shift all your focus to your career and thong of new ways to express yourself.

Sagittarius Rising
Mercury will be in your 9th house of learning, travel and expansion! This is a great time to tackle a course, to make decisions around your travel plans or to look at building your spiritual beliefs.

Capricorn Rising
Mercury lands in your 8th house of intimacy and investments. Important financial decisions can happen, as well as deep, intense and transformative conversations.

Aquarius Rising
Mercury in Leo is in your 7th house of commitment. As stubborn as you are, you’re more willing to take someone eel’s advice a life experience into account now!

Pisces Rising
Mercury enters your 6th house of work and health, Pisces. This may be a time where you’re thinking of changing your lifestyle, of expressing yourself more creatively in the workplace.



Mercury in Leo lasts for a few weeks, and will be a time where you’ll naturally be more positive and upbeat, looking on the bright side of life! Leo Mercury wants to roar and heard – this is an expressive, creative and sunny sign, so make the very best of this time!

This is a period where you can really see the world in a better light – and your positivity will be contagious. Remember to spread the love and be open to learning new things! Have a little drama – but not too much!

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