It's Happeningggg: Musings on Uranus in Taurus

It's Happeningggg: Musings on Uranus in Taurus

by: Julie Ann Fae

Hello, lovely Astro Souls! As we navigate deeper into the outer planet Uranus transiting in Taurus I wanted to share some musings about what this transit means to all of us. 

Some of the nitty gritty astro deets: As I write  this, Uranus is in retrograde in the early degrees of Taurus.  Uranus finally left Aries and moved into Taurus for good on March 6 of this year (2019).  It had gone back and forth retrograde in the final degrees of Aries for some time- trust me, I know, my descendant and Jupiter are there! Uranus moved steadfastly direct to 6 degrees until August 11th, at which time it went retrograde. It will remain retrograde through the end of this year (but hey look out for it trining Jupiter in Capricorn in mid December!).

At any rate, if this is coming across as astro huh? to you here's a breakdown of some of this even further:

--->  Uranus is the planet of innovation and change. It brings spontaneity, excitement, inventions, sudden changes, separation, movement, and sometimes a few dashes of chaos and disorder in the process. It is associated with Aquarius

 and the 11th house. Uranus is   technically Saturn's daddy. It's the ruler   of the   heavens, and strongly linked to   astrology. It represents "outside the   box" thinking and is strongly linked to   outer space.


 --->  Taurus is the fixed earth sign of the   zodiac. It represents a stable and   persistent effort, but not at the expense of   personal values. For Taurus, they will put in the work, but on their own terms and at their own pace. Unlike Virgo which wants to be of service no matter what, or Capricorn who wants to hustle to the top, Taurus wants to make it to enjoy the pleasure of it.  Mostly, it has "to be worth it"

Uranus doesn't exactly like being in Taurus. Uranus wants to innovate and electrify and much prefers being in an air sign (its top choice) or fire sign (second fav choice). Putting it with stable, stubborn, I-won't-budge-til-I-am-ready means that some of what Uranus wants to do might take a bit longer, or occur more "behind the scenes". An astrologer I know and love, Rick Levine, speaks to the fact that he feels this magic will not occur in continuous upgrades as it did in Uranus in Aries, but hold onto its energy and then unleash it in larger, more powerful forces.


Uranus is kundalini energy, and in Taurus this might be a Mama Gaia Kundalini Awakening.

So what can we expect from Uranus in Taurus?  Uranus is funny. You never really know what it will bring.  It electrifies and startles you, and surprises you with things you did not (or could not) expect. But as astrologers we can make some educated guesses. Taurus rules the Earth, and the pleasures of the earth. Most particularly, food, clothing, and money. Since Uranus wants to upgrade and electrify whatever it touches, we can expect "upgrades" in these different life areas.  We are already beginning to see evidence of this:

Money: Think about the changing nature of new banking systems- remote, online...changing systems for financial technology and means of exchanging goods for currency, like bitcoin, cryptocurrency and more.

 Food: Think about what is happening in the   food industry (and trust me  this Fairy Foodie   is ALL for it). More and more plant based   meat alternatives are being invented and   put out for consumption. There are now   sausages, burgers, egg and meal   replacements. There are ample gluten-free, paleo, and vegan protein options. I personally love Beyond Meat burgers and I have heard the Impossible burger is quite good. Just Egg is a vegan egg replacement, or you can stick with your turmeric tofu scrambles like me. No matter which way you look at it, more and more alternatives are coming out that are upgrades to our food system. Uranus is all about the upgrades. And upgrades on behalf of a more unified and equal system at that. There is no disputing the fact that factory farming is a far cry from the ways in which our ancestors would have ever consumed meat. Also, it is over producing meat and contributing to global warming conditions. We need these inventions and upgrades. Uranus provides upgrades always for a higher purpose, a greater good (even if its weird or painful or awkward to integrate) and that's exactly what's happening here. Some websites to peruse if this is new to you:  Just Egg,  Beyond Meat,  Impossible Burger.

Fashion: Taurus likes its flair! But not in a dramatic way like Leo, or a zany way like Aquarius, or a hidden way like Scorpio. It likes things that hold value, convey wealth, and status. Things that maybe you have to work hard to get. We haven't been noticing too much of this Uranus upgrade yet, except perhaps in increasing amounts of organic cotton and plant based alternatives in clothing. 

But then I came across THIS:

That's right. It is Space Fashion. Pioneered by entrepreneur Richard Branson. In this news clip you can hear expressions like "make it more accessible,'' "reinvent what astronauts wear too", "for private astronauts", "experience space and weightlessness but look good at the same time" and "really good boots". Also, did he say a space hotel!??  This is sooooooooooooo Uranus in Taurus! It is literally bringing a reinvention of access to space (Uranian, equal access) along with fashion/clothing/high value items (Taurus).  

It is just too funny once you begin to see, feel, and understand how the archetypes and movements of the planets manifests in our physical reality. As I like to say:


I hope you enjoyed this Gif-infused romp into the latest astrological musings. You can connect with me for personal astrology readings by contacting me at, follow me on Facebook @julieannfaehealing and find me on Insta @julieannfae. ​Feel free to slide into my DMs! I would love to have you on my email newsletter!

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 Thank you and sending you all Astro love.







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