Here’s What the Stars Say about Your Mercury Sign

Here’s What the Stars Say about Your Mercury Sign

In the realm of Astrology, Mercury's position in our respective birth charts determines how we learn, what interests us, what information we exchange, and how we interact with the world. Mercury reveals our preferred mode of communication, and because we communicate primarily through language, the placement of Mercury influences our first impressions (and beyond).

After you consult your birth chart, take a look at this list to determine the planet's position to gain a better understanding of how Mercurial energy manifests in your life.

Aries Mercury

Aries in Mercury moves at a breakneck pace. The energy is direct, efficient, and impatient. This personality type is not afraid to engage in verbal sparring. Their enthusiasm and responsiveness compensate for their lack of pleasantries and subtlety.

Taurus Mercury

Taurus Mercury is described as multisensory. They pique people's interest because their words appear to be carefully chosen. They use sarcasm and eye-rolling to break up conversations. Taurus is the sign of the throat, so people born under this sign have melodious voices. This sound, when combined with their measured words, conveys a sense of quiet authority.

Gemini Mercury

Mercury, the sign's ruler, is at ease in Gemini. People in this position are excellent communicators. They enjoy teasing others and experimenting with language. They are easily bored and learn best in stimulating environments and from teachers. Their varied interests result in a frantic and scattershot communication style.

Cancer Mercury

Cancer Mercury communicates by quiet contemplation, superior listening skills, and an uncanny ability to recall almost anything that made them feel something. Because they are emotionally intuitive, they create an environment in which others feel comfortable sharing. Because of their absorption capacity, quick decisions or direct responses are difficult; they must withdraw and isolate to process.

Leo Mercury

Leo Mercury is a performer who sees the world as a stage and conversations as acts. Leo's communication style is bold, gregarious, and self-aggrandizing as a result of their creative forces. Their genuine bluster and natural flair for the dramatic easily electrify the masses. Criticism is a natural foe for this delicate species.

Virgo Mercury

Virgo Mercury enjoys conducting research in rooms with clean lines, hand-thrown coffee mugs, and neutral wall colors. They are so good at communicating, organizing, and absorbing information that they take on far too much work, convinced that no one else can do it better.

Libra Mercury

Mercury in Libra is the natural diplomat's sign. This group values peace and harmony above confronting difficult truths. They are skilled negotiators because they always consider the opposing viewpoint and try to find a middle ground.

Scorpio Mercury

Mercury in Scorpio is a lifeless shovel. For them, everything has a dark beating heart, and it is this dark beating heart that motivates these people to communicate. As a result, they are extremely wary and suspicious. Individuals with Mercury in Scorpio are unafraid of controversial topics; they thrive on secrets and provide sound advice.

Sagittarius Mercury

A person with Mercury in Sagittarius cannot be restrained. Even the most pessimistic are persuaded by their contagious optimism that anything is possible. They are blinded to the possibility of failure by their unwavering optimism. Their tone can be harsh and impatient. Because they are moralistic by nature, they prioritize truth over all other considerations, including tact.

Capricorn Mercury

In Capricorn, Mercury is dependable and authoritative. They are afraid of being perceived as inept, so they communicate cautiously and clearly. Their perceptions of others are tainted by their self-doubt.

Aquarius Mercury

In Aquarius, the fixed air sign is ruled by cult leaders, conspiracy theorists, and geniuses. Having an Aquarian Mercury is at its most extreme and is known to be rebellious in thought and speech. Their adversary is boredom, and they will go to great lengths to avoid it.

Pisces Mercury

Pisces Mercury communicates using metaphors and avoids making commitments. Because of their watery temperaments, Mercury in Pisces is an excellent listener who can provide otherworldly insights into mundane problems.


While Astrology is not for everyone, you can’t deny the certain information it could say about you, your friends, people you care about, and even your boss and colleagues. Indeed, it makes everything even more interesting! Because Mercury rules all kinds of communication in our world, now you can determine how to speak with others once you determine what their Mercury is.

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