Understanding the Hidden Enemies in the 12th House (Part 1)

The 12th house or the unseen realm often contains the themes of undoing and becoming your “worst hidden adversary.” However, when we talk about this, we're not constantly referring to people who are actively plotting your demise. 

This term can be used to refer to persons who are inadvertently tricky to deal with or harmful. There is a belief that the signs in the 12th, like Aries in 12th or Virgo in 12th, may indicate that your secret foes will most likely be Virgo and Aries Suns. 

In this article, we will be taking this belief a step farther beyond the surface-level meaning of the 12th house.

♈︎ Aries in the 12th House: Going after a Person's Sense of Self

These silent opponents are perceived as tension and antagonism. These unseen adversaries may seek to undermine this person's sense of self. You may regularly feel like a victim without understanding or comprehending what is causing the emotion.

These secret adversaries or toxic people overshadow or criticize their confidence and aggressiveness. Competitors may be transformed into shady adversaries. 

♉︎ Taurus in the 12th House: Being Enemies in Possession or Territory

These opponents are formed as a result of possession and territory. The notion that you took something from them or vice versa. Keep an eye out for those who encourage gluttony, self-indulgence, and consumerism. Because they are envious of your possessions or riches, an ally may become an adversary.

Rigid habits or sentiments can occur in the underlying relationship of secret enemies, toxic relationships, and even self-sabotage/being your own enemy. Keep an eye out for physical undoings such as theft, vandalism, hoarding, or bodily injury.

♊︎ Gemini in the 12th House: Opposing Beliefs and Views

Harmful interactions, perceptions, or competing viewpoints can all lead to the formation of secret foes. But much more of an emphasis is on covert rivals who wish to appear wiser or more popular than them. 

The themes of superficiality and being two-faced are prevalent. Undoing can occur due to external or internal discouragement, a barrier to learning, or a lack of attention.

♋︎ Cancer in the 12th House: Toxicity through Insecurity

It's difficult to feel for these unseen foes. Themes include deception and subtle hostility. Toxicity from a parent or kid is possible, and tension and disagreement are emotionally damaging. Security, healing, and emotional confidence are all under siege.

Common themes include suffocation and overprotection. Perhaps a friend, parent, or partner is overly protective of you, impeding your development. This individual detects hidden foes by intuition and indications. Clinging/fear of letting go can also be their downfall.

♌︎ Leo in the 12th House: Desiring to Dominate You

These unnoticed enemies seek power or influence over you. Themes include overshadowing, competitiveness, bullying, arrogance, and condescending.

♍︎ Virgo in the 12th House: Honing in on Your Flaws

These foes target your shortcomings that you are self-aware of and anxious about. Criticism is neither valuable nor healthy. A caretaker, healer, or helper may be a secret enemy. These people may be exploiting you—everything is a means to an end.

♎︎ Libra in the 12th House: Deceptive Relationships

These adversaries may not be malicious. However, be wary of family members that thrive on conflict, competitiveness, and resistance. These enemies may disrupt your peace and balance.


The 12th house makes a big statement about our psychological undoing. When you pay attention and notice it, you can make permanent changes. Understanding what's behind the undoing and doing something about it is the key to making a permanent shift. Tune in for part two!


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