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Understanding the Hidden Enemies in the 12th House (Part 2)

In the first part of this two-part series, we talked about how the "hidden opponents" in your 12th house don't always mean those actively plotting your downfall. This can be used to describe people who are unintentionally tricky or detrimental to your well-being.

This article will further discuss the other signs that may be the "hidden enemies" in your 12th house.



♏︎ Scorpio in the 12th House: Manipulation and Betrayal

The 12th house dominants in this placement are believed to bring out your concealed paranoid side. As a result, these individuals may feel justified in thinking and making you think that anybody and everyone can become an adversary at any time. They are known to be crafty, manipulative, and secretive.

It is the goal of these adversaries to turn each person against oneself. These toxic individuals may bring out trauma and wounds, even if they do it unintentionally.

♐︎ Sagittarius in the 12th House: Misleading Beliefs

The conflicts with these adversaries are based on more nuanced disagreements over philosophical or religious differences. Self-indulgence, recklessness, and rebellion are all connected with them. 

These foes of yours may lead you astray, tell lies, propagate falsehoods, and generally negatively influence your life. In addition to boasting and one-upmanship, these are also prevalent themes.

♑︎ Capricorn in the 12th House: Threatening Ambition and Stability

These hidden adversaries will most certainly endanger your stability, ambition, position, reputation, and security. 

These adversaries are often paranoid, assuming that the feelings of hatred are reciprocal. Their toxicity manifests itself as coldness, control, and general negativity.

These enemies may be interested in your riches and goods. Hidden authority, power plays, blame, guilt, and repression are all common occurrences. Any harm or assault is carried out through premeditated exchanges akin to chess games.

♒︎ Aquarius in the 12th House: Disapproval and Pain

You don't know what these enemies will do, and they can bring out flaws or pain you can't see. There is a sense of disapproval, aloofness, rigidity, and superiority between you and your foes. 

They may try to take away your individuality and freedom from you, so you should be careful around these people. They may even keep you from getting along with other people. 

You can become more isolated and uncaring if you stay away from other people. This group of enemies doesn't like you for who you are and disagrees with your own unique path.

♓︎ Pisces in the 12th House: Long-Standing Enemies and Karma

A long-standing enemy from the past or a person with karma may be one of these secret foes. There is a lot of unsaid tension between you and this individual, and you may feel it a lot in your subconscious or via your intuition. 

They may always portray you as the abuser and the victim. You cannot underestimate the power of manipulation. They have a vested interest in causing you distress. 

You should be on the lookout for opponents that pretend to wish to heal or assist you. They profess to be seeking pity, but this is all a ruse. They'll probably make use of you. They may even facilitate your addictions.


There are many ways that the 12th house can be interpreted. At times, these hidden enemies may be someone with a grudge against you, or it may even be yourself.

We hope this two-part article has given you insight into the meaning of the 12th house placement.

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