Higher Powers The Astrological Forces That Affect Our Lives

If you are a Harry Potter fan and read all seven books, you are aware that Hermione Granger had high regard for astrology. If you think about it, she may have a valid reason for taking the subject seriously (well, other than her grade). After all, the moon is the primary reason for the changes in the tides.

Most people dismiss it as the filler at the back of the newspaper. They may read it occasionally, but they do not take astrology seriously. It is not their fault considering those articles only contain suppositions about our love life and luck.

If you feel a deeper connection with the universe and wonder about the mysteries we have yet to uncover, you should continue reading this article. It may not hold the answer, but it will help you understand how the astrological birth chart can guide you throughout your life.


As mentioned earlier, people often dismiss astrological birth charts and horoscopes as rubbish. What is worse is they think they are a separate entity from the universe. Again, let us point out the fact that the moon affects the waves. Don’t you think the activities on earth impact the sun and moon?

Think about it this way. When the sun dies, all planets in our solar systems would also collapse. When this happens, the other solar systems and galaxies would also be impacted. 

There is some science behind astrology. You can say that the other planets affect us with their lights, electromagnetic fields, and radiation. Sometimes, we see these lights through prisms and in rainbows.

Cosmic Oneness

Everything happens for a reason. Open-minded mothers often consult astrological birth charts because they understand their unborn child is affected by the elements of the universe. Even at this early stage, the fetus can also influence the universe. 

Once this child enters the world, the universe creates a permanent cosmic imprint that will contribute to their destiny. Sadly, people think that destiny is an unseen narrative of what will happen to us in the future. Contrary to this erroneous belief, fate is merely a blueprint to invoke our free will. 


Earlier, we touched on the subject of destiny. Let us take a simple potted plant as an example. If the universe wills it to be part of the cosmic family, it will thrive even if you uproot and throw it away in the compost pit. The fertile compost makes it an excellent breeding ground for the plant you uprooted.

In this scenario, it was the plant’s strong will that allowed it to survive. Its tenacity was far stronger than your haphazard attempt to end its life. The universe intervened and created the right atmosphere for the plant to live.


As mentioned earlier, people dismiss astrology as silly and consider it entertainment. But if you take a closer look at things and reflect on your life, how many times has the universe stepped in for you? Take comfort in the thought that you are a child of this world, and it will continuously intervene for you to reach your destiny.

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