How Astrology Affects Your Mental Health

How Astrology Affects Your Mental Health

Astrology is much more than a fun little weekly horoscope you read in magazines and newspapers. It concerns each aspect of your mind, body, soul, life, and purpose. The position of the planets, the angles they create with each other, and how they move all play a significant role in keeping a healthy mind and body.

For this reason, our physical and mental health is highly influenced by the planetary positions found in our birth chart, which you can have us turn into astrology jewelry. It is then vital to understand the different aspects and how they affect our everyday lives. When the planets are situated in placements they aren’t comfortable in, we feel its effects on Earth. Approaching these phenomena with awareness and mindfulness is the key to maintaining your health.

Decoding Your Mental State With Your Birth Chart

Certain planetary positions will affect your mental state differently. While having these signs does not guarantee that you have mental problems, it indicates an area you may struggle with and should thus pay more attention to.

For instance, if your Moon is conjunct, aspected, or posited by Saturn—all of which are specific angles—then you’ll likely struggle with restrictions and limitations when dealing with your emotions, making you more prone to stress and depression. Additionally, if your Moon is in the 7th house and you have Mars in your 8th house and Saturn in your 6th house, it is surrounded by malefic planets, which means you may frequently grapple with loneliness.

Planets affect each other in many different ways, each bearing unique relationships that impact your personality and approach to life. It is best to seek a professional astrologer to understand your birth chart and all its intricacies.

How Some Planets Affect Your Mental Health

The Moon is the planet that governs how you deal with your emotions. The Moon is in domicile or feels at home in Cancer, which means you’ll likely have an easy time processing your feelings and dealing with them. It is in detriment in Capricorn, so you may feel disconnected with your emotions even when you are a water sign, like Cancer or Pisces.

When Saturn afflicts your Moon, you may experience frequent bouts of depression and struggles with your self-esteem. Additionally, if your Moon is located in your 6th, 8th, or 12th house, you may have difficulty concentrating, which can quickly become a source of frustration.  

Mercury is the planet that governs communication. If you were born during Mercury retrograde, which is when the planet appears to be moving backward, you might struggle in communicating, making you prone to misunderstandings and misinterpretation. Having difficulty in this area may make you nervous and anxious in dealing with interpersonal matters, especially those contingent on clear communication.

For instance, Mercury is in domicile when in Virgo or Gemini, and it is uncomfortable or in detriment when in Sagittarius. It is in fall in Pisces, which means you tend to communicate vaguely, having difficulty getting your thoughts across to other people as they may seem too abstract.


Astrology impacts your mental health in many ways. Interpreting your birth chart and being aware of the planets’ positions can help you navigate life more mindfully, helping you tackle 
each obstacle and take care of your mental health.

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