How Astrology Can Help You Accept and Love Yourself More

How Astrology Can Help You Accept and Love Yourself More

Astrology often gets its bad rep from the oversimplified weekly horoscopes usually found in magazines. Still, the fact that even cynics know what their sun signs are is a testament to its sheer power. However, astrology offers much more than a vignette of your personality, as it emphasizes that you are much more than your sun sign. Many psychological astrologers believe that everyone exhibits traits of all the zodiac signs in our birth charts, as most of us were born with the planets in different signs. However, the one we exhibit the most always changes.

Even psychotherapists have used relational astrology to dive deeper into how we interact with the world and each other, showing us how we navigate our emotions, our inner world, and how we view life. They’ve used astrology to prove that if you understand the cosmos and its ever-shifting dynamics, you’ll find day-to-day life more manageable.

You’re Not Just Your Sun Sign

Many people dismiss astrology when they don’t relate to their sun sign, where the sun was positioned when they were born. However, everyone has a birth chart that is an exact picture of the cosmos the moment they were born, with planets–including the moon in this case–in many different signs. Some have resonated more with their rising, or the position of the sun over the horizon, or moon signs.

Enlightenment begins when you recognize and accept each of your personality traits, both good and bad, and then take stock of what serves you and hinders you from reaching your best self. While the process may be difficult and painful, the result is priceless self-acceptance that will help you move in alignment with your higher self, leading to a more fulfilling life.

What Self-Acceptance and Self-Love Really Mean

Self-acceptance doesn’t just mean recognizing the things you love about yourself–it also means being aware of your flaws and your shadow side and being at peace with them. It’s about embracing both the positive and the not-so-great sides of all the zodiac signs in our chart. Owning these aspects is the most empowering way to accept yourself and strive to be better.

When you believe that you’re the only one with your flaws or even gifts, you’ll start feeling isolated and frustrated. However, all of us contain strengths and weaknesses that many other people have, and these qualities aren’t meant to put us above or below others. There is an entire universe of feelings, thoughts, and behaviors inside of you, and as you move through life, you’ll be faced with the constant challenge of choosing which ones to act upon, eventually governing your life. Sometimes, you’ll slip from your standards, and that’s alright. You mustn’t punish yourself; show yourself compassion, pick yourself back up, and try again.

Self-Acceptance is a Never-Ending Journey

Astrology can be interpreted in many ways: a field of study, an art form, or a tool for self-improvement. It highlights the different characteristics embodied by each sign and how differently they manifest in various placements. For instance, an Aquarius sun is often quite different from an Aquarius moon and learning to relate each of your placements helps paint a dynamic picture of who you are. Finding threads between them will help you understand yourself more, your habits, and your tendencies, which will help you be honest about who you are. With fewer pretenses to put up, you’ll find it easier to love yourself.

Self-acceptance, derived from making these connections and using your insights to create a portrait of yourself, is a continuous practice of taking meticulous inventory of yourself and being accountable for your actions. However, it also requires mercy and forgiveness when you make mistakes and humility during your most shining moments. Starting on your self-acceptance journey can be overwhelming and intimidating, which is why astrology is an excellent tool you can use to accept and love yourself more.


Astrology is a rich, complicated study that offers many different ways to understand yourself. When you choose to consciously embark on a journey of self-acceptance with the help of astrology, you’ll be moving through life with more intention, helping you feel more fulfilled.

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