How to Find the Right Astrological Talisman for You

How to Find the Right Astrological Talisman for You

People wear talismans for various reasons. Some need extra protection, some want to have good fortune, and some want to achieve personal wishes like help in crop production or aid in their fertility. Astrological talisman is one of the most commonly used due to its spiritual power and connection with the world. It all boils down to how different it is from other existing amulets.

The Creation of Astrological Talismans

What makes astrological talismans unique and incredible is the way they are created. These amulets are made at a particular time—a time favorable to the astrological setup. When intentionally made during a pleasant period in the astrological calendar, the amulet can bring out the positive energy brought by the planet, the moon, and stars giving off the power altogether.

Without the intention of making it during a specified precious timing, the supposed amulet would only end up being a simple display jewelry piece, not a talisman that releases positive energy for its functions. Because of this specific need, the number of amulets created each time is limited. The right time usually lasts for half an hour to one whole hour once or twice a year.

How to Find Your Astrology Talisman

Every talisman epitomizes an astrological sign based on one's birth date and time. These signs represent a particular character prediction and houses it governs, but buying an astrological talisman does not immediately mean it is the talisman for whatever it represents.

For example, suppose your assigned ruling planet is Venus, which governs personal taste and aesthetics, courtship and adoration, values, and pleasure. In that case, it does not mean that wearing a talisman for this planet would immediately provide you with positive effects on mentioned values.

Keep in mind that talismans always work based on natural movements. Forcing things would only make things worse. You need to find the right one according to the stars, planets, and the moon if you want good energy. Before buying your talisman, make sure that you get the right necklace based on your birth chart.

What to Keep in Mind

Here are some reminders when getting a talisman besides referring to your birth chart:

  • Choose a necklace based on its natural effects and what you want to have.
  • Check if the necklace of your choice fits what your birth chart says. The planets that give off intense energy during your birth would be more beneficial for you, while you should avoid the weak planets on your birth date and time.
  • For a stronger effect, choose a planet under your astrological sign. A planet signified by its sign can give off more positive energy and be of more help.
  • The yellow flags are the talismans under a planet affiliated by being in fall or detriment based on your natal chart. Avoid them as much as possible. They could bring bad luck.
  • Other talismans not listed in the yellow flags or not under the strong planets during your date and time of birth are fine to have.


Talismans are objects that bring magical energy to the people wearing them. They provide the wearer with confidence, protection, and the power to keep them away from the things they want to avoid and bring them closer to where they want to be. Wearing a talisman does not guarantee positive effects in an instant. You need it to be the right one according to your chart. Do your research first, or ask experts to find the right one for you.

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