Important Information if You're Curious About Your 12th House

Important Information if You're Curious About Your 12th House

The 12th house in your chart can be difficult to scrutinize. It is the house of the unconscious and unseen. It governs your dreams, rest, secrets, and emotions. It can be a source of joy, comfort, and enlightenment. However, this house is a two-sided coin. It can also bring you sorrow and destruction. Because it is the house of the unconscious, planets in this house can represent things we are blind to. Planets in your 12th house may be difficult to grab hold of, like catching smoke with your bare hands. Their energies could elude you.

The 12th House: Two Ways

You can take them as inspiration to help you see into realms and possibilities you once thought impossible. Or, you could lose those parts of yourself to the shadows. Struggling and forcing this planet’s energy to manifest can lead to the latter possibility.

If you want to tread the road to enlightenment and embrace the brighter side of the 12th house, you will need to embrace its destructive side as well. It seems contradictory, but this just means that this house is old and cluttered. Every renovation and refurbishment requires you to take down what used to be to remake it into something new. Destruction leads to creation.

Cleaning Your (12th) House

Cleaning out your 12th house will not be easy. Cleaning never is, but this will be particularly difficult as this is the house of the unconscious. It is therefore difficult to perceive what needs to be cleansed. It will take time.

What planet resides in this house will help guide you towards the answer. This shows you where this conflict and clutter exists in your life. The duality of this mysterious and secretive house is that it also serves as your compass to guide you through the mist.

The process of cleaning your 12th house will only work if you give in to work. You must accept the negatives that will come with it before you will see the positives bear fruit. Change is inevitable, and with it comes pain and discomfort. This pain is not your enemy. Pain, like all things, just is.

Acknowledge your pain, meditate on it, but don’t wallow. Don’t fight it, however tempting it may be. If you resist this pain, you will suffer and see only the sorrow. Shift your perspective instead and you will see the building blocks that this destruction provides.


The 12th house is tricky to read. This is due to its very nature in dealing with dreams and secrets. These are the parts of your soul that are unseen. However, with meditation and self-reflection, you can utilize your 12th house to remove that veil. You can dust off the cobwebs and reveal the clutter that awaits you. You can use your 12th house as a guide to what your troubles are. And if you power through, you’ll find yourself at the end of your journey with a mind at ease and a soul cleansed and orderly.

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