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The Houses in Astrology: Interpreting the Twelfth House

People who are new to astrology understand that there are different elements to consider to understand the cosmic formula of every individual. However, besides your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs, another thing to consider is your houses.

Houses are pretty complicated, especially when you have to consider what signs they fall under. But today, we'll dig deeper into the twelfth house in astrology.

What is the 12th House in Astrology?

The 12th House is sometimes known as the Invisible House. Just like the number itself, the house is always out of sight, even if you're always facing it.

When it comes to houses, the 12th House is the last house in the zodiac. But unlike what most people believe, it is not always the last house to be considered.

While the 1st House is the Ascendant and the 4th House governs the time, the 12th House is the house of the hidden and the unknown. This house is also known as the house of Karma and Adversity (but not the Karma that you think). It is known as the House of Transformation, which is a very interesting concept, but first, let's examine what houses are.

Why is the Twelfth House One of the Dark Houses in Astrology?

The 12th House is one of the dark houses in astrology. It is also the last house of the zodiac. It is the house where our karmic debts are stored. It is also the house where we have our deepest secrets, including our hidden enemies.

This house is also connected with our subconscious and memories, which is why you can't remember your childhood or anything you did before you knew how to speak.

What are the Key Characteristics of the Twelfth House?

The 12th House is known as the house of the hidden and the unknown, but you can say that it is also the house of the dark and the negative.

It is the house of Adversity and the House of Karma. It is the house that's usually the target of curses and the house that very few people want to know about. But it is also the house where you can experience the most turning points in your life.

The Twelfth House and Its Signs

There are a lot of traits that are associated with the 12th House, including the hidden, the unknown, the negative, the accusative, the clandestine, the secretive, the difficult, the unfortunate and the unpleasant. The house is also known as the House of Karma and the House of Adversity.

The sign of the 12th House is Scorpio. Scorpio is the only fixed water sign that is in the zodiac. It is also the only water sign that is placed in the night sky, which is why it is linked to the House of Karma.

Since Scorpio is an element of water and the sign is placed in the House of Karma, it is easy to understand why this house is full of negativity and debt. The twelfth house is also linked to the sign of Pisces, which is also a water sign and a night sign.

The Bottom Line: Learn More About the Twelfth House in Astrology to Understand Your Purpose

The 12th House in astrology is known as the House of Karma and the House of Adversity. It's the house of dark and negative energies, but it is also the house where you can experience a lot of change and transformation.

When you finally understand your twelfth house, you will understand your purpose in your life.

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