Jupiter goes into Taurus After 12 Years | Your Do's & Don'ts Guide

Jupiter goes into Taurus After 12 Years | Your Do's & Don'ts Guide

It’s the week that we’ve all been waiting for in delicious anticipation! Jupiter, planet of growth and abundance, shifts from fiery, fast-paced Aries into gentle, patient and sensual Taurus. Yummy! 

The last time Jupiter was in Taurus was in 2011, around 12 years ago. What grew in your life back then? Take a walk down memory lane and see if there was anything that stood out for you, any area of your world that was activated by a sense of expansion. Seeing as Jupiter always tends to enlarge the qualities of whatever sign he’s in, we can all look forward to Taurean qualities such as deliciousness, luxury, indulgence and sensuality being major themes for the next year. 

This transit will only end in May 2024, making it an extra-special for those of us who have any of our ‘big three’ in earth signs. Of course, if we Have a Taurus Sun, Moon or Rising, this is going to be a bumper year of opportunities and maximizing potential. For Virgo and Capricorn, there’s a flow that you can all tap into and a sense of joy and positivity – not to mention material growth. Lastly, the water signs – Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio – Jupiter should be blessing you, too, although you’ll have to make a tiny bit more effort to utilize his gifts. Once you reach out that hand, the Universe will take it and help you. Things will come to fruition easily and with minimal effort. 

Speaking of effort, that’s the only real downside of this transit.

Taurus’s dark side, is, well, laziness, to be perfectly honest. We may get so caught up pleasure and luxury that we fail to pick ourselves up out of our comfort zones and get a move on. The thing is, with Jupiter having been in Aries for such a long time, we’re probably pretty tired of go-go-go. We’ve been taking risks, left, right and center lately, so it’s natural to want to slow down. Yet, be careful of coming to a complete standstill and becoming addicted to your comfort zone. 


With that out of the way, we can go back to focusing on the delightful side of Jupiter in Taurus. Taurus is also in charge of money, material security, home and our resources – our food, possessions and pretty things, in other words. After all, Taurus is ruled by arty, creative Venus. Thus, we may enjoy an increase in our income, and feel urged towards creating a better, more nurturing physical situation. Some of us may even decide that it’s time to move into a beautiful new space, or redecorate our existing sanctuary with plants and lovely artworks. Home really is where the heart is right now. 


Nurturing and self-care also come under the domain of Taurus.

Any typical Taurus will tell you that their favorite activity is lying under a soft blanket on a luxury sofa, eating a quality meal and shopping online for a beautiful new item. This is after a yummy bath and washing their luscious locks with the most expensive hair product, of course. Resting, napping and cuddling should all follow to make it the perfect evening. 


Now. self-care isn’t necessarily just all these physical things. But it certainly counts Now’s the time to work towards creating a cocoon of safety during Jupiter in Taurus. This will help to regulate the nervous system, get us in touch with our bodies and tell us what we need to feel grounded. We can balance any materialistic urges with getting out into nature – gardening, gentle walks and outdoor yoga are all great ideas during this next year. After all, Taurus is an earth sign. What in your body needs some loving attention? What make you feel most taken care of, most nourished? What food and other lovely things can you spoil yourself with during this time? 


Finally, the last, but likely most important theme during this period may be exploring our sense of inner security!


Leaning deeply into ourselves and cultivating this sense of safety within is so very important right now. Maybe we do need to create outer safety before we can do that – after all, our survival, fight-flight energy does need to be attended to before we can start the journey of inner safety. Let this be a gentle mission of yours during this next year. Allow Jupiter in Taurus to give you that precious gift of stability within. 


The only major aspects that Jupiter makes in Taurus will be drifting closely to Uranus, planet of change and freedom. Thus, as we experience an expansion of our resources, we also enjoy needed shake -up – perhaps unexpectedly – of our comfort zones. We need to lean in and trust the process, trust that it’s all working out in our favor. 


Here’s your cosmic guide what to do, and what not to do during this growth-orientated year to come:



  Expand your resources. Think materially. How can you make more money? Enjoy your possessions, and get more of what you need and desire? Get creative.

 • Speaking of creativity, Taurus is a naturally creative sign. What denotes creativity to you? What makes your hands tingle and your soul sing? Do more of that.

 • Be in touch with your body ask it what it needs. Really feel into your skin. Get in touch with your senses in whatever way feels delicious for you.

 • Create stability. Ground your feet firmly into the earth and focus on what you need to do to feel safe and secure – inside and out.

 • Nourish your relationships – to yourself and others.



Be too indulgent. Indulgence is wonderful and all, but in excess can create the wrong kind of expansion. Your bank account will thank you!

• Get too comfy in your ways. Be open to change. Stay flexible. Avoid laziness.

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