Jupiter goes Retrograde & Your Horoscope | 4 - 10 September, 2023

Jupiter goes Retrograde & Your Horoscope | 4 - 10 September, 2023

Jupiter is dancing backwards for the very first time this year. Yes, he’s going retrograde. And we all know - to a certain degree or another - what retrograde means, right? Some of you may already be trembling. And some of you may smirk and take it in your stride, fully confident that you can handle whatever the Universe throws your way. 

Admittedly, it is better to have a more relaxed attitude. After all, Jupiter does go retrograde for most of the year, with this one being from September 4th all the way up until December 30th. That’s a long, long time. Because this is such a large planet with such a long retrograde period, it may indeed be less intense than most other retrogrades. Jupiter is also known as one of the ‘generational’, or ‘impersonal’ planets, meaning that his effects are felt more across the collective than personally. 

Phew, what a relief, right? Now that we’ve covered that let's all take a collective breath and sigh it out. Of course, some signs - such as Taurus, perhaps Scorpio, Sagittarius and Pisces - especially those with their Ascendant  in one of those signs - may feel this a little more. That's because Jupiter is personally touching your life in some way. Taureans, for example, may have been experiencing enormous growth, for better or worse, and possibly even some great opportunities. Scorpions may be getting all kinds of offers to choose from. Sagittarius and Pisces folks might be asked to review the growth they’ve had in certain areas of life and take a hot minute to integrate it all. 

Ah, there’s a word: Integration.

This is probably
the most important keyword to carry with us over the several months of Jupiter’s backwards dance. What do we need to integrate? Where have we expanded? Is it in the area of our personal identities? Our finances? Our careers? Relationships? Or maybe it's been inner growth that we’ve enjoyed lately? 


Now, let’s take a look on individuals insights into what the stars have in store for each sign during 4 - 10 September 2023:



Get ready for a very materially-driven week ahead. It’s time to get those proverbial ducks in a row and organize your routine, schedule, finances and overall admin. Yes, yes, it all sounds terribly boring. But, you may find the subsequent dopamine hits from ticking off your to-do list is pretty addictive. The more you do, the more you want to do. Before you know it, you’ve spring cleaned everything and are ready to start over on a brand-new slate. Feels good, doesn't it? 



There’s just so much going on in your sign this week that you're going to be hard-pressed to keep up. Yet, this all unfolds in the very best way possible. You see, Jupiter, giver of gifts is currently transiting your sign and bringing all of his abundance with him. Even though he goes retrograde this week, he’s still capable of blessing you. Yet, there’s a catch - this period is going to ask you to integrate all the growth and good things that have come your way. 



Although your ruler, Mercury, is retrograde, that doesn't mean he can't do anything good for you. This week, he’s helped by a trine to abundant Jupiter and a conjunction to the mighty Sun. The first aspect is one that allows you to bring your big ideas to the table, to share the growth you’ve had with your nearest and dearest - without judgment. There’s healing in this transit on a family level. So, go ahead and open up. The second aspect - Mercury to the Sun - is one that allows you to shine your light and share your personal experiences. Look at you being all brave.  



Friendship and communication seem to be your two most important areas to focus on in this coming week. Are they necessarily exclusive? Not at all. In fact, it’s in communicating with those who know you the best that you find safety, comfort, as well as some practical, problem solving advice. Usually, you're the one that people come to when there’s an issue. This week, however, it’s your turn to receive. That doesn’t mean that you won’t have valuable insights to offer. You always do. 


LEO ♌︎

Your ruler, the Sun, is in a very good position this week. First, he connects with abundant Jupiter in a growth-oriented trine. This bodes particularly well for your financial world, not to mention your professional one, too. You may receive some sort of gift, opportunity or segway into something bigger and better. Should you take the gap? Definitely. The second aspect, the Sun connecting to Mercury, is one in which you seem to be very much on top of important material decisions. For once, you’re scaling back and learning the value of not being overly generous or extravagant.


Your ruler, Mercury, is up to all kinds of delicious things this week. His connection to Jupiter in your philosophical sector is a particularly positive alignment, allowing you to take all the ideas you’ve had lately and translate them into a vision, into the bigger picture. You’re not going to be content to simply talk - you want to walk your talk. Thai means that you can manifest your plans into the physical world with relative ease, especially those of a travel or educational nature. And, for once, you aren’t shy to share your own, personal experiences with others, even if that makes you stand out. 



There are some very exciting plans brewing just behind the scenes for you this week. Should you do the big reveal? No, not just yet it seems. There are a couple of details you may need ironed out right now, and to do that, you need space, silence and peace. Take a day, or even a few hours just to be alone. Be mindful of the point at which you start to overthink things. If that does happen, and you get into ruminating, have a nature break. Go out and sink your feet into the soil. Breath in the fresh air. 



Your relationships this week are a source of joy, growth and abundance. They bring you all those warm, fuzzy feelings that you love. Plus, these relationships may  also prove to be extremely grounding, with the potential for long-term commitments to be made. As a fixed sign, you deeply appreciate someone who’s able to step up and meet you where you are. Make sure you take a second to tell your people or person just how grateful you are to have their presence in your life. 



Jupiter, your ruler, is dancing with Mercury and the Sun this week in an abundant trine aspect. In earth signs, it’s all about manifesting aforementioned abundance in the material world. Being a sign that’s naturally creative and energetic, you prefer to focus your energy on the act of work rather than the rewards of it. Yet, Jupiter reminds you this week that you are more than deserving of all the good things, all the physical gifts, that are a natural result of your blood, sweat and tears. 



You’ve got plenty going for you this week. Not least may be some possible opportunities to travel, to teach, to learn and to generally expand your current horizons. You seem to have something very important to share with others, and what’s more, you also have the confidence to say it. Usually, you’re quite reserved, but with this cosmic energy helping you, you almost can't help but impart your wisdom, passion and knowledge with people around you. And yes, rest assured that you’ll also be validated for your courage. 



When we feel safe, when we feel cared for, when we know that the material world is sorted out - this is when we’re able to actually start doing the important work of healing. If our nervous systems are being constantly challenged by crisis or chaos, there’s just no chance to ground. This week shows you the utter value of having a safe, secure foundation beneath you. If someone or something comes along to make that better, accept the help. Yes, you are wonderfully independent, but you also need your community. 



This week sees you potentially being very inspired indeed by the people around you. So much so that you may even end up in a wonderful space of collaboration and partnership. If you see an opportunity, take it. Why wait? there’s someone whos’ actually willing to hear all of your big ideas now, which is exactly what you’ve been waiting for. Remember you can take advice without having to act on it. Don't forget to use your discernment and the power of critical thinking. 




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