Jupiter ingress into Taurus - Do's & Don'ts For This New Annual Cycle

Jupiter ingress into Taurus - Do's & Don'ts For This New Annual Cycle

This is a big week, astrologically speaking. It’s the cosmic moment that we’ve all been waiting for! Jupiter, planet of abundance, gifts and good luck, changes signs after a whole year in fiery Aries. Now he shifts into grounded Taurus, expanding the qualities of this earthy, sensual sign. It’s going to be delicious, folks.

But let’s take a quick set back, first. We need closure. Having been in the very first sign of the zodiac – Aries – Jupiter magnified the qualities of this pioneering, independent sign. There were so many new beginnings. So many seeds planted. We were grandly impulsive, proudly confident. We took the lead. We took the plunge, even if it scared us. We listened to the intuition of our own soul, and trusted that when we jumped, the net would appear. Aries is a fire sign, so it’s all been about adventure, excitement and risk-taking on a massive scale. Do we have regrets? Hopefully not. But it is time to slow down and check our pace. 

As the second sign of the zodiac and the first earth sign, Taurus is all about planting deep, deep roots. About creating safe and comforting foundations. Tutus rules the material world of security and comfort. It takes those pioneering ideas of Aries and harnesses them down into tangible reality. We can’t live in the land of idealism forever, after all. We need Taurus in our lives. 

Jupiter is known for expanding the qualities of the sign he transits, so for the next year – yes, a whole year! – qualities such as routine, material security, sensuality, safety and luxury are all due for growth. Taurus rules our home, our bank account, our gardens, our food. It’s time to fully embrace and enjoy the physical aspects of our existence. To curl up in the fluffiest blanket, drink the most decadent of hot chocolates and watch reruns of our favorite, most comforting show. 


If there a catch? Well, there always is.

Every sign in the zodiac has its shadow side. For Taurus, this can be laziness, overindulgence, stubbornness and getting stuck in a rut. We’ll need to be ever so careful about not taken the luxury life too far. We can either end up spending way too much money, or hoarding it possessively. Neither is a good avenue to take. Balance is key if we want to make it out on the other side in May of 2024 in one piece, financially speaking. 

The other shadow quality of Taurus is obstinacy. When Taurus digs its heels in, the inflexibility prevents any growth and can even push others away. It’s important to, therefore, find areas that we can practice being adaptable. The lighter side of this is consistency, commitment and reliability. These are beautiful qualities of Taurus, and ones that are rare to find in an instant-gratification world. What can you commit to for this next year? What can you methodically and patiently wok on? What can you build over the long term? These are all good questions to ask yourself as we move into this stable new paradigm. 

Relationships may also benefit from this period

...seeing as Taurus is ruled by Venus. Venus is going retrograde next month (watch this space!), so there’s very much an emphasis on all things love-related. We may reach a more committed space with our sweetheart, and be ready to create a stable future with them. Yay! 


Obviously, those of us who celebrate a Taurus Sun, Moon or Rising are going to receive the full benefits of this lush transit. Expect immense growth expansion and opportunity to come your way! This only happens every twelve years, so is a very special cosmic moment in time. Next to benefit will be the other earth signs -Capricorn and Virgo. Now’s your time for easeful growth and happy feelings. 

Last to enjoy this period will be the water signs of Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer, whom Jupiter will sextile. There are opportunities abounding, but you have to reach out and grab them before they slip away! 

The moment Jupiter enters Taurus, he immediately makes a square aspect to Pluto, planet of power and transformation – and also of crisis. So, initially, things may feel very intense with some nasty shadow energy coming up to be resolved. Don’t worry – this is a temporary situation. It won’t last. Stand firm in your power. 

Jupiter will also do a dance with Uranus throughout his time in Taurus. Uranus has been here for a few years already, get with Jupiter coming along, there may be sudden surprises and unexpected benefits coming up – especially those of a material nature. We will need to be a little flexible, willing to adapt. Financial freedom seems to be a must.

With that all in mind, let’s explore how we can make the very most of this annual cycle:


 • Expand your material world. Ask for that raise. Create a passive income. Invest in that thing. Take on more work. There are so many ways you can celebrate the abundance of this transit. 

 • Luxuriate. Bath often. Buy that gorgeous piece of art. Visit the spa. Make a delicious meal and savor it, one bite at a time. Yum. 

 • Celebrate your relationships by committing to them. Be that person who shows up. You’ll respect yourself so much more for it. 

 • Enjoy this feeling of grounding, calm and stability. You absolutely deserve it. 



 Over-indulge. You don’t want a hangover, now do you? Avoid eating that extra piece of chocolate or downing that extra glass of wine. Your waistline – and bank account – will thank you for it. 

 Get lazy. You have to do some work to enjoy the fruits of your labor, you know. You can’t just wait around and expect luxury to fall into your lap. 

 Get stuck in a comfort zone. Create stability but stay open to change, too. After all, it is the only constant. 

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