Let’s get Deep... Mercury Enters Scorpio!

Let’s get Deep... Mercury Enters Scorpio!

By Margarita Celeste


Are you ready to take a deep dive? Mercury heads into the shadowy realms of Scorpio on 27 September, 2020. Moving from an airy, sometimes-shallow sign of Libra, Mercury in this water sign is intuitive, intense and transformative!

This Mercury in Scorpio Season is also Mercury Retrograde Season –
a double whammy of diving deep! Mercury will be here for quite some time, crossing briefly back into Libra, and then into Scorpio again.

What’s Scorpio All About?

Let’s face it – Scorpio has a bit of a reputation, right? Most people shudder when they hear a Scorpio’s in the house, mostly because we don’t quite understand this powerful sign. Scorpio has been associated with change, death/rebirth, destruction, transformation, sexuality and control.

Yes, Scorpio is all of these intense things, and like any sign, has a dark side. But Scorpio also has a lighter side. Or at least, a positive side.

Positive Scorpio things include depth, loyalty, understanding, perception, intuition and truth. Thesis the sign of psychology, of the occult and of the mysteries of life. Scorpio has seen it all – and isn’t scared of anything! Scorpio has the power to draw poison out and transform everything that they touch.

Of course, you don’t want to get on the bad side of Scorpio – vengeful, stubborn and controlling, this sign can get jealous and obsessive! These are a few of the qualities we may see creeping out of the shadows of Mercury in Scorpio season!

But there’s also a chance of digging really deep to get to the nuggets of wisdom that lies beneath the drama.

Do’s & Don’t for Mercury in Scorpio

Harness the magic of the planets moving through the signs by having a handy to do list! Here’s some do’s and don’ts whilst Mercury travels through deep Scorpio:

  • Have that deep ‘n meaningful conversation. Don’t be scared to show your cards, and open up Pandora’s Box. There’s a saying “Someone I once loved gave me a box of darkness. I realized that this, too, was a gift”.
  • Study something occult and witchy – Scorpio loves, loves, loves a good mystery, so get stuck in and dive into your hidden side!
  • Explore your personal shadows through therapy. Mercury in Scorpio does well with therapy – especial with it being a Mercury Retrograde! There are so many things you can solve now!
  • Let your OCD take over. Scorpion get obsessed with all the things that they cannot control, so you have to be mindful of what those things are!
  • Allow your jealous thoughts to become toxic. Whether it’s from insecurity or something else, Mercury in Scoria can be over-paranoid. Be careful.
  • Refuse to give your secrets way whilst demanding someone else divulge theirs. It’s just not fair.
  • Spend too long in the shadows. Know when it’s time to pick your thoughts up and move on. Focus on the bright side, too.

Your Horoscopes for Mercury in Scorpio

For those of you who know your birth charts (and there’s plenty of you out there!), here’s a handy guide to where your head will be at over the next couple of weeks:

Aries Rising
Mercury goes into your 8th house of secrets, intimacy, power and crisis, Aries. You may be thinking of ending something, somewhere in your life. Don’t make up your mind just yet.

Taurus Rising
These next few weeks, you’ll be focusing mostly on your relationships. Be careful of becoming obsessed with a particular person, or being manipulated in any way, Taurus.

Gemini Rising
It’s time to think of ways to take your everyday routine and transform it into something different, Gemini. This will mean that you have to cut certain habits out, completely. They say a change is as good as a holiday!

Cancer Rising
A romantic interest could waltz in – and out - of your life over this period, Cancer. Don’t be surprised if exes pop out of the woodwork! It’s time to have some important conversations, so don’t be scared of going deep.

Leo Rising
Mercury drifts into the area of your chart that speaks to the subconscious, Leo. Old memories, traumas and events may surface, which promote you to do the deep, inner, healing work.

Virgo Rising
Your communication and insights become so much sharper over this period, Virgo. You’re able to pierce through the veil and right into the truth. Sometimes, that may be slightly uncomfortable – and provocative.

Libra Rising
Your mind is looking at the decisions our need to make financially, Libra. You’re tempted to try and control the situation in some way, and you can do so, if it serves you. But be careful of becoming too obsessive.  

Scorpio Rising
With Mercury in your sign, you’re magnetic and provocative. Yes, you might even pick a fight or become so opinionated that it’s impossible to get a word in edgeways. Be careful of going on the attack, Scorpio.  

Sagittarius Rising
It’s very easy over this time to get deeply obsessed, Sagittarius. Your mind turns inwards, and you're either reflective, or you’re ruminating. Watch that you don’t get lost, Sagittarius. Practice meditation as much as you can.

Capricorn Rising
It’s not what you know -it’s who you know, Capricorn. For the next few weeks, cultivate your social and professional relationships, and avoid conversations that are manipulative or controlling – even coming from you. There are better ways to achieve your goals.

Aquarius Rising
Decisions, decisions, Aquarius. Looking at your career trajectory, it’s time to decide where e you want to go. However, there will be a slowdown, and you’ll have to take the time to truly reflect before you decide.

Pisces Rising
This Mercury season, Pisces, take your mind to the next level and reach for the stars. You can learn so much now, about yourself, your belief, and just in general. This is the ideal time to study anything your mind is drawn to.




Mercury in Scorpio goes on for a long, long time, as we enter Mercury Retrograde Season. This means extra emphasis on all the Scorpio things, such as depth intensity, transformation, cession, drama, jealousy, secrets and change. We might be looking at our subconscious shadows, and changing those into useful resources that we can draw on in times of need!  

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