Love, Love, Love – Venus In Your Birth Chart ❤️

Love, Love, Love – Venus In Your Birth Chart ❤️

By Margarita Celeste

Love makes the world go around, right? Right. Since the dawn of time, songs, poems and books have been written about love. Love uplifts, love hurts, love grows, love dies. No one, no matter how modern the world gets, ever really gives up on love for long, and deep down, we all long for it in one way or the other.

The Greeks have several words for love – love can be the love we have for our sweethearts, our friends, our pets, our family. Love is diverse, large and there’s always, always enough to go around, no matter what we might think!

So, when it comes to love in astrology, what planetary archetype can we call on to study how we love, what we love, how we want to be loved – our love language?

Why, Venus is our lady, of course. She is the divine Goddess of Love, the sensual mistress and tempting seductress. She’s affection, beauty, pleasure, and harmony. Let’s explore more on this much-desired archetypal Queen!

Venus, Goddess of Love

In ancient Greece, Venus was equated to Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love and Beauty. Her name comes from the word “foam”, where she was said to have been born from the ocean (Birth Of Venus, anyone?).

Venus was no pure maiden, however. She was the Goddess of harlots and prostitutes, of Mistresses and temptresses. If a woman wanted to be desirable and sexy, Venus was the one she called upon – not if she wanted to get married. The Moon, symbol of the Mother and Wife, is in charge of that!

Ares, the God of War, was her lover – and she didn’t have just one! Back in those days, it was quite normal for couples to have their marital partners, and lovers on the side, you see. Aphrodite, as a Goddess, could take as many lovers as she wanted, and there were none who resisted her spell!

Venus, Her Sign and Your Love Language

When you look at Venus in your birth chart, you’ll want to first see her sign to be able to understand just how you do love in your life. How you receive and give affection, what you find sexy and seductive how you flirt, who you’re attracted to and what you really love.

So, without further ado, check out this handy list to help you get to know your love language!

Venus in Aries

You burn hot, hot, hot! You know what you want and you go after it without shame! You are impulsive and adventurous, and you need passion and to be spoilt, to be made number one. You are often the pursuer, and fall in and out of love fast!


Venus in Taurus

When it comes to love, you are super-stable, committed and sensual. You love to receive gifts and cuddle up close, and nothing feels better than being comfortable and easy with your lover! You’re not about drama and prefer a peaceful relationship.


Venus in Gemini

You need variety in love, and you’re often in love with two (or more) people at once. You like love to be interesting and complex, and communication is your most attractive turn-on!  


Venus in Cancer

Venus in Cancer people crave closeness and emotional connection in love – nothing else will do! Quality time and reassurances of everlasting love feel oh so good! You love to nurture and be nurtured!


Venus in Leo

You are warm, passionate and generous to your lovers! You have an enormous capacity for affection and you need adventure and to be made a priority in your lover’s life, no exceptions!


Venus in Virgo

With Venus in Virgo, service is your love language, and you love doing things for the one you care about – and having them do things for you too! You are fussy and choosy, sacrificing everything for your sweetheart.


Venus in Libra

You are the most seductive sign out there! An incorrigible flirt, you know how to switch the heat up! You’re compromising and caring, and you love being in love and everything that goes with being in a romantic relationship.


Venus in Scorpio

When it comes to love you are deep, intense and loyal to the death! However, if betrayed or let down, you are jealous and vengeful – it’s all or nothing for you! Love for you, means undying commitment.


Venus in Sagittarius

You like love to be fun and easygoing, and get bored quickly, A lover from somewhere foreign, a spiritual lover or someone how make you grow is your chosen type! Love is always fiery with Venus in Sagittarius!


Venus in Capricorn

Commitment is the most important thing in love to you, and you’ll wait for the right person, you value tradition and are responsible in love, yet you are also sensual and romantic when you trust someone.


Venus in Aquarius

You fall in love with all the weirdos and being best friend is more important than passion. You need a clever partner who give you entry of space and freedom to be yourself. You’re all in, once you have your independence.


Venus in Pisces

You’re the ultimate romantic! Love is a fairytale for you, and you crave the dream. You will do anything for the one you care about, and a spiritual, emotional connection is important to you. You often want to merge with your lover.


In Conclusion

Knowing your Venus sign can tell you so much about how you do love, who you are in love and how you need to be loved. Why not compare your love language to the one you are with or a past lover? This can he you understand how to give then the love they crave and understand how they may be different from you!

There’s much more to Venus, so remember to check her house and aspect to understand how her sign qualities might be modified or expressed. And if you are an expert in astrology, remember to check your 7th and 5th houses to see more about how you do love and relationships in general!  

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