Lunar Eclipse in Gemini Clearing Ritual 🌘

Lunar Eclipse in Gemini Clearing Ritual 🌘

By Margarita Celeste

Have you heard? The word is out that there’s an Eclipse coming up on the 30th of November, and in the astrology world, everyone’s getting ready for a rollercoaster ride! Eclipses are times of major shifts, as if the Universe is pressing her foot on the gas pedal and urging us to go faster – much faster!

So, instead of feeling as if we are being tumbled about in the washer, how can we work with these intense energies?


So, What’s the Big Deal About Eclipses?

The truth is, we should really be lying low during an Eclipse. The big deal about this heavenly event is that fact that it’s all about consciousness, and the theory that Eclipses block out the light of consciousness as the Sun fades in light – the Sun being the collective symbol of awareness. After all, this Star being sheds light on the whole world – what would we do without her?  

In many Eastern countries, they don’t even dare to look at the Eclipse, whilst here in the West, we marvel at this astronomical phenomenon. There’s a balance to be had, we think.

However, with that said, we try not to do too much magic over these periods. In fact, we should rest, close the door and take a long, hot, detoxifying bath. Any manifestation we do now may turn out to be a little chaotic and unpredictable, and we run the risk of leaning too much into the darkness.

So again, we ask – what can we do with these powerful vibes?


Well, What’s This One All About?

The first step to knowing what do to do about this Eclipse is knowing what sign it’s in. if you’re lucky, you can place that sign in your astrology chart and see which area of life is activated for you. But if you’ve not gone that far yet, not to worry, we’ve got you!

This “family” of Eclipses currently fall in the sign of Gemini and Sagittarius – the signs of knowledge, communication plushy, travel and education. These are some of the topics we are dealing with during this Lunar Eclipse.

You see, a Lunar Eclipse is a supercharged Full Moon. Yup, it’s even crazier than a “real” Full Moon. It will bring many of these topics to a head in our lives.

Now, let’s look at a ritual we can do to manage this as best as we can:


An Eclipse Ritual Gift, From Us to You:

Our first piece of advice for this ritual is to lay low. Don’t overextend your energies, or push too hard. Be very careful of what you decide to release or ask for, of what you manifest. Things may happen very, very quickly, and you can get drained faster than with any other Full Moon.

With this Lunar Eclipse, we recommend getting your friends around you, or even just a close friend. You’ll need to combine your energies to support each there. And don’t worry, you don’t have to tell them you’re doing magic if you don’t want to!




Step One

set a date to get together with some close friends within 3 days before or 3 days after the Lunar Eclipse to make the most of the powerful energies. You don’t have to do this with anyone, but it can make things better for you.

Step Two

Prepare the following: a journal or pieces of paper, some green-colored crystals (Gemini rules green and communication); a container you can burn paper inside of; and Tarot Cards, if you have them. Pull out only the swords suit cards. We’ll tell you why.

Step Three

When you get your friends together (remember, you CAN do this solo, too, if your buddies aren’t open to it – but we bet you that they are), have a conversation. Talk about the year that past, communicate, share your ideas, learn from each other. Like any girl’s or guy’s night, really.

Step Four

Now, realize if you speaking your truth, or if you are holding back. Notice where you may feel your throat close up, or where you could be agreeing just to keep the peace. Notice where you may be losing sight of the bigger picture, where you could give in to gossip, where you may lose yourselves in details, what old beliefs are holding you back.

Step Five 

now, suggest to your friends, to sit with yourselves, and write down what you wish to let go of when it comes to how you think, how you communicate, and any preconceived notions and ideas.  Write down outdated beliefs that need to be let go of, such as “not being good enough” for example.

Step Six 

Once you have written this down, close your eyes for a moment and repeat the intentions three times to seal them in. You can even take a moment to meditate.  Then – burn your papers! Let that all go!

Step Seven

Pull one card from the Swords suit in your Tarot Cards (you can also just use an Oracle Deck if you don’t have one), which will show you where you need to work on your communication and mindset. These cards are a tough suit, and will call you out, so be ready to accept what is communicated!

Step Eight

Try and seal the night off in silence, a good, grounding meal together, and if you have time, a bath after your friends leave. Pop some of the green crystals into your drinking water or bath or settle the energies – you can even place one on your throat to open your throat chakra!



In Conclusion

Generally speaking, try not to do too much over this Eclipse, and remember that there is another one coming up on 14 December. This is a more draining time, and it’s often advised in astrology that you find your way to the water to heal. Bathing, swimming and drinking water is ideal.

Some of you may have major life events happen over this period, so allow things to change and be flexible. Gemini invites adaptability and versatility, being open to the lessons that come your way!  

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